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Ukraine Express

Buying from Western states is trending now among Eastern European shoppers, but conducting large-scale purchases is at times too costly in terms of customs and transportation. This is the major hurdle for businesses wishing to get, for instance, American raw materials or voluminous good like furniture or equipment. Luckily, Ukraine Express is an international shipper rendering a broad range of services connected with buying and shipping goods of any size and weight in the UK, USA, and other Western states with their subsequent hassle-free delivery to Ukraine and other states in Eastern Europe.

The company’s special offer is in helping buyers with not only shipment of the purchase, but also its registration and legal formalities. Moreover, Ukraine Express provides a service of using the company’s address in a tax-free state so that the clients save funds on the purchase. Other handy offers include support with legal documentation and preparation of the cargo for customs checks, delivery of containers from any European port to Ukraine and other CIS states by road (which saves costs for the sea and air shipment), and search for the “container companion” – additional cargo to place into your partly filled container and split the transportation costs.

Ukraine Express Tracking Service

In addition to a huge number of benefits and convenient services for Ukrainian and CIS clients, Ukraine Express parcel tracking is a comfortable system for real-time package monitoring. Any client of the company may enjoy Ukraine Express delivery tracking by going to the company’s official website and entering the unique Ukraine Express tracking package number assigned to each parcel upon departure from its source location. Once the Ukraine Express tracking id is provided, the website instantly provides all details about the parcel’s current location, the expected delivery time, and all other details pertinent to its shipment to you.

Convenient Ukraine Express Tracking Lookup

By knowing your Ukraine Express shipping number, you can always stay informed about your cargo’s current location and the points it already covered. But are you using only Ukraine Express for shipping all your goods? Or maybe you shop in various online stores and have a dozen of courier apps on your smartphone? Things get easier with Now you can check the status of all shipments, be it Ukraine Express, China Post, Sky56, or YRC, at one website. Pass a quick procedure of registration and conduct real-time Ukraine Express shipping tracking from the comfort of your computer, laptop, or smartphone. The statuses are updated instantly, and you are always guaranteed the latest and fullest record of your shipment’s data.