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How to Track and Trace an International Package, Parcel or Order?

The world is a global marketplace, and customers have no boundaries when it comes to shopping. Every package will be carefully delivered by one of the numerous carriers operating locally and globally to let buyers have the orders safe and sound, on time, and without extra trouble. To be confident about the fate of your shipment, we recommend using the worldwide tracking option available at our site. Here you can run the tracking number search instantly and track postal packages from the moment of their departure until the day of arrival at your local post office.

What is a Track Order Number?

Each parcel has its original track number. You may find a track code of a particular package either at the site of your online shop in the “My Orders” section or put this question to the seller personally. Moreover, sellers in most online shops prefer to send a tracking code to the customer’s email. This code is additionally specified in all checks and post office receipts. Therefore, you may learn a tracking code of any parcel in several ways.

What Does a Post Tracking Number Look Like?

The package tracking number (according to the international S10 standard) is a combination of 13 letters and figures that may help you to track and confirm its delivery to your local post office. The structure of local and international tracking numbers differs:

  • For the local shipments, the postal service tracking number consists only of numbers (e.g., 4653271534).
  • The international tracking number is a combination of two letters at the beginning, 9 figures and two letters at the end (e.g., RX123456789FN).
  • The start of your tracking number may be RX if the parcel does not exceed 2kg in weight (RX123456789FN), CK if the parcel is 2-20kg (CK987654321PL), or EB if the parcel is sent via EMS services (EB341234251UK). The final two letters are used to indicate the shipping country.
  • This information is relevant for regular post mail tracking, while commercial carriers have distinct shipping tracking numbers active on the territory of the shipping country. For instance, the FedEx shipments have tracking numbers containing 12-14 digits, while the UPS tracking numbers start with 1Z and then have six characters (both figures and numbers) identifying the shipper, 2 more digits standing for the service type, and 8 final digits serving as the personal code of the package. As a result, the UPS tracking number contains 18 characters overall. DHL packages have even longer tracking numbers with up to 35 digits in compliance with ISO 15459-1.

As soon as the package leaves the country, it is still given the traditional tracking number format described above.

Where Can I Find the Shipping Tracking Number?

If you wish to know, “How can I track my shipment?”, then the easiest method is by using the post mail tracking number. In most cases, this number will be provided to you in the shipping confirmation document. Study it carefully to find a long number (usually between 10 and 30 numbers in a row); that’s the unique ID of your parcel by which you can conduct its online tracking.

How to Track a Package Online by Tracking Number?

To track your order at our site, you should type a track number of a particular parcel into a special window and wait for a few seconds while our system carries out the search, defines a postal service, and tracks your package with the help of that code. This procedure is very quick, and you won’t need to wait for a long time to see where your package is now.

How to Find My Post Office Tracking Number?

As usual, all shipments are delivered to your local post office depending on your ZIP code. Thus, you cannot conduct post office tracking with the track number; it is done in an automated way.

How Do I Find My Package Shipper by Tracking Number?

You can receive the information about the shipper from the parcel’s sender; it is usually indicated in the shipping confirmation form. The post tracking number does not indicate that, containing only data about the country from which the shipment departs. You may also find that out at our tracking site; just enter your shipment ID in the form and we will provide all information about your carrier instantly.

How Many Days Does It Take for Tracking Online to Work?

Since it takes some time for the carrier to register the shipment and pack it in the sorting center, you cannot track your order right after receiving the track number. The tracking may start working in 2 to 7 days after the shipment’s initial processing by the carrier. So, on the third day upon the order’s confirmation, you may start checking its tracking information in our system.

What to Do If I Can’t Track My Order or It Is on the Way for Too Long?

Sometimes it happens that you cannot track the postal package. This may happen if:

  • The seller did not pass your parcel to the carrier;
  • The shipment presupposes only partial tracking;
  • The package was lost at a sorting center or at the customs.

Once this happens, we recommend contacting the seller and repeating the follow-ups once a week until the customer protection period expires. In case the package does not arrive by that time, you may request the refund.

How Long Does It Take for the Shipment to Arrive?

The duration of delivery depends on the carrier and distance. International shipments of Australia Post, India Post, USPS, Canada Post, and China Post, as well as numerous other carriers, usually arrive within 2 weeks – 1 month (depending on the workload of postal services). It usually takes 1-2 weeks for EMS shipments to arrive, while express shipments are delivered within 3-7 days as a rule; express tracking is available on our site for such items.

How Do I Find Out Whether the Non-Trackable Shipment or Parcel Arrived?

Non-trackable shipments are delivered without intermediary postal tracking, so the best way to learn about its arrival is to wait for the paper slip (or digital notification) from your local postal office. You may also call the post office to inquire about any pending parcels.

How Long Is the Shipment Stored at the Post Office?

It depends on the country, but in most states, post offices keep parcels for 14 days after their arrival (an exception is made for parcels eligible for customs duties – they are stored for 1 calendar month). So, if you don’t track your package and fail to claim it within the estimated period, your delivery will be sent back.

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