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Track My Shipment

Online shopping is commonplace today because you may order different products from different countries. However, the opportunity of tracking number lookup (allowing you to find your parcel anyway) is one of the main safety criteria in the sphere of online shopping. Therefore, it is extremely important to take proper care about it, and our tracking site may help you.

United States Postal Tracking

The biggest online shops such as AliExpress, eBay, and TaoBao have communications with an enormous amount of different postal services to deliver orders all over the world. Unfortunately, one may waste too much time while looking for the opportunity to track his/her package at the sites of all such services. Hence, pkge.net is the best way to solve this problem easily and quickly!

Our site has its own unique system of track number recognition in which you may find track information of different countries and postal services. Therefore, if you want to make the process of tracking easier, we know how to help you! By using our site, you won’t waste your time surfing from one site to another – just type in your track order number and learn all available information about your package. Our system may track your package easily even it was sent by China Post, for example, and then was passed to your national post service in the United States. Don’t worry about the way of your order anymore!

How to Track My Order?

Each parcel has its original track number, which is a combination of 13 letters and figures that may helping you to find any parcel easily at our site. You may find a track code of a particular package either at the site of your online shop in the “My Orders” section or put this question to the seller personally. Moreover, sellers in most online shops prefer to send a tracking code to the customer’s email. This code is additionally specified in all checks and post office receipts. Therefore, you may learn a tracking code of any parcel in several ways.

To track your order at our site, you should type a track number of a particular parcel into a special window and wait for a few seconds while our system carries out the search, defines a postal service, and tracks your package with the help of that code. This procedure is very quick, and you won’t need to wait for a long time to see where your package is now.

Confirmation Email for International Post Tracking

Our service is full of features that may be very interesting and helpful for our users. However, you need to register at our site to get access to full range of our services. Registration at pkge.net may give you the following benefits:

  1. Original tracking system.

    We have a unique system of international mail tracking that can make it possible to learn where your parcel is in real time wherever you are.

  2. A personal account.

    You will get a personal account immediately after registration. Therefore, all track numbers will be saved in this place automatically so that you may not type them once again.

  3. Confirmation email.

    The status of your order may change, but you should not worry about it because our tracking system may send confirmation emails to you in case of any changes. In this way, you will know exactly where your parcel is.

Our service is the best site for global track and trace of any packages 24/7. Therefore, if you are looking for a comfortable place to learn the status of your orders, register right now!

Why Is It Important to Track Any Package?

Although online shopping is on the rise now, it doesn’t mean that you may neglect post tracking, especially if you order some products from abroad. While shopping at different sites, you may see that one can track shipment at the site itself. However, it is also important to track all packages with the help of third-party sites like pkge.net for the following reasons:

  • Old track information.

    Online shopping is full of different surprises, and old track information is not the worst thing that may happen. Even if you have already received your package from an online shop, sometimes you see that its status was not changed. In this case, it is much better to use our site, especially for international tracking.

  • Different postal services.

    Online shops may use a great number of different postal services. Your package can be sent by China Post first, then passed to the UPS, etc. Thus, it can be very difficult to track a particular order in different services at the same time and understand the actual status of the package. However, our site may track any package even if delivery was done with the help of several services in different countries. With us, you can be sure in the opportunity to track your order.

  • Unfair salespersons.

    Unfortunately, online shopping doesn’t guarantee protection from unfair salespersons. However, screenshots from any tracking site may be very helpful evidence in case of controversy between you and a particular online shop. The administration of such sites as AliExpress or eBay may help you to determine this controversy if you show these screenshots as a proof. Therefore, you should not neglect such a chance to ensure safe shopping.

All these reasons mean that an opportunity to track any package is the guarantee that your online shopping will be safe and satisfying for you.

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