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Aramex is a global corporation involved in transportation and logistics. With a vast experience in the shipping industry, the company is a leading brand with recognition across the globe for innovative and tailored services. The e-commerce industry is rapidly shifting gears with the help of technological advances. To stay afloat, it offers effective shipping solutions to businesses and individuals. Aramex provides express courier services, logistics, and services connecting suppliers to e-commerce traders.

To enhance efficient customer service, the company also offers Aramex express tracking services to clients. It is imperative for customers to be able to track any package from the start of the shipping process to the delivery. With a rise of online shoppers across the globe, Aramex tracking system is efficient not only in the UAE but also in terms of international tracking. The safety of your shipment is secured by our professionalism through integrity and committed employees who ensure that delivery services are timely and accurate. Aramex parcel tracking prevents freight losses by retrieving the location and status of parcels.

Aramex freight tracking: How it works

Aramex online tracking is an efficient way of tracking shipments. At the dispatch point, before the shipping process begins, each parcel is allocated a track order number. This unique number is also known as Aramex tracking id or Aramex tracking number. It acts as an identifier when you want to track your order.

The Aramex tracking information is found on our website’s home page where you can track orders either by number or reference. There is also an advanced option where you can track up to 10 shipment numbers.

For convenience, you can download the ‘my aramex tracking’ app to assist you in tracking your orders anytime as long as you have Internet access. Aramex tracking also offers solutions when you want to reschedule delivery points. Register at the carrier’s official website and enter your requests with ease.

Advantages of using Aramex

These are the reasons to select Aramex as your trusted postal carrier:

  • Efficient service delivery;
  • Up-to-date systems;
  • Availability of the Aramex app to simplify the shipment process;
  • Warehousing services;
  • Effective customer support;
  • Customized shipping solutions.

International package tracking

The upsurge of the e-commerce industry is rapidly revolutionizing the conventional way of trading. Ever more people prefer shopping online because of the convenience and variety it offers. However, it is important to know the reputation of the postal service that is in partnership with the online store or merchandise supplier. is here help you out with postal tracking solutions since it has global partnerships with reputable courier services such as Aramex. To use our services, you need to register on our site to experience a wholesome shipping experience. allows you to track packages at the comfort of your home or office as long as you have Internet access. Moreover, our tracking service lowers the risk of package loss and consignment theft from unscrupulous traders. We are here to secure the interests of your business by offering efficient and user-friendly services.

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