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What is Aramex?

Aramex is a Dubai based leading multinational logistics company that has earned name and fame in diverse operational areas. It has a remarkable presence in 120 global locations in 33 countries. The markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia are its prime operational areas. It acts as a reliable cross-border postal tracking and delivery partner for various online businesses including eBay. It has partnered with some of the key delivery services like Aliexpress Shipping, and GLS for time-bound and dependable package delivery. 

Aramex tracking 

To track any package, you must use the provided tracking number and a reliable parcel tracking website like is one of the most reliable ways to do quick and reliable tracking. Here, you will get detailed information about your order. 

What does the Aramex track number look like?

A tracking number will be a combination of numbers and digits that can easily be found out on the order receipt, for example, 31127961454. It will also be mentioned in the order confirmation email. Using this number, you can do shipment tracking online and find out when the package will be delivered to you. 

Is Aramex tracking without a tracking number possible? 

Aramex courier tracking online is usually not possible without a tracking number. On the other hand, it offers some advanced postal tracking options that allow you to track your order using the reference number and other available details. 

What are the Aramex services? 

It offers assorted services at a global level. Its extensive service network includes: 

  • Logistics 
  • e-Commerce delivery and shipment management 
  • Small business solutions 
  • Developers Solutions Center 
  • Drop and ship 
  • Shop and ship 
  • Information management 

What is the Export Express?

For safe and sound delivery of some urgent orders, Aramex offers Export Express service. By availing this service, you can be sure about:

Door-to-door pick and drop of shipment at the local and global level

  • Real-time tracking updates with Proof of Delivery
  • Immediate delivery notifications 
  • Customs clearance 

What is the Import Express service?

Using this service, businesses across the globe can import business-critical documents and parcels with impeccable safety and security. You can import unlimited with Aramex international shipping facility. It has a dedicated dropbox network in almost every major exporting country. 

What is Domestic Express? 

Under this service section, Aramex offers door-to-door order delivery within your home city or country. Customers of this service can easily enjoy next-day and same-day door-to-door delivery facility for time-critical domestic packages. It includes facilities like:

  • Package Delivery
  • Package Collect for articles like cheques, documents, and packages
  • Cash on Delivery 
  • Return Service 

Does Aramex offer land, air, and ocean freight services? 

Yes, it does. You can enjoy the cost-effective freight management solutions like land freight order, online shipments tracking, delivery rates management, etc. 

What are the logistics services offerings by Aramex? 

These services can be a reliable and technologically advanced end-to-end logistic management partner for businesses of kinds. The logistic services help a business to: 

  • Understand the warehousing needs and conceive reliable solutions
  • Do end-to-end facility management. They can help you with co-packing, bundling, and assorted on-site facility services. 

What are the drop and ship rates of Aramex? 

The drop and ship rates vary from region to region. All of its service locations are divided into two zones: zone 1 and zone 2. 

Zone 1 includes areas like the USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, China, India, France, Singapore, and Canada. Places like Egypt, Georgia, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and UAE are covered in Zone 2. For detailed pricing, you can click here.

How can you check Aramex rates? 

To check the exact rates, you can use the rate calculator. By giving the shipment details, you can get international and domestic rates easily. 

How to send a package by Aramex?

To send a package, one must:

  • Visit the Online Shipping page 
  • Download ClickToShip software for free and prepare the shipment as directed 
  • Make a call to the local Aramex office near you and schedule a shipment pickup or you can drop the shipment at the nearest office on your own. 

What articles cannot be sent by Aramex?

Aramex discourages the shipment of certain products like fireworks, cash, precious metal, liquid, drugs, narcotics items, weapons, chemicals of all types, explosive materials, etc. to ensure the safety. Apart from these items, the delivery is not possible for the items that are restricted in a particular area and country. 

What is Aramex delivery time? 

The delivery time of the courier depends on various factors, for example, distance two the places and time of shipment order places.  

What is the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight? 

Understanding the difference between these two before the shipping facility is important to calculate the shipping cost rightly. 

Actual weight is the actual weight of the shipment while volumetric weight is the dimensional aspect of the shipment. For instance, if you’re shipping a vase, its actual weight would be measured in kg and the detail of Length x Width x Height divided by 5000 is the volumetric weight. 

Aramex calculates both these weight types for each shipment and moves forward with the larger value. All the other package delivery services like DHL and GLS adopt the same procedures. 

How to return a package?

To return a package, you must check the return service and policy.

What to do if the Aramex order hasn’t delivered as per the expected date of delivery? 

Delivery of order can exceed the expected date of delivery due to many reasons. You must track your order once again and check the updated status. If things are not clear that way, the next wise move is to contact the customer care support of Aramex. 

How to contact Aramex?

You can visit the customer support page. Here, you will find a wide range of assistance. You can write to them, raise an online request, and submit a claim request as you please.