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BAB international

BAB international has been on the market since 2016. Based in China, this company specializes on the postal transportation between China and Russia. BAB has put much effort and years of experience to arrange the shipping of packages between Chinese stores and their Russian customers in the most convenient and cheapest way. Thus, BAB clients can easily shop in some of the most popular Chinese online stores and be sure that their purchases will come on time and without any damages.

BAB shipping and tracking are conducted at a high-quality level. Transportation can be made by sea, air, or ground. The company provides the full range of services including border warehousing, customs clearance, import and export, as well as shipping.

BAB International uses three trusted postal couriers to transport packages within the territory of the Russian Federation:

EUB and China Post can be used to ship international packages as well. EMS, FedEx and DHL provide the fastest shipment by air where needed.

BAB advantages

BAB is not one of the biggest and most popular Chinese postal carriers, yet it is trustful and reliable. Some of its benefits are:

  • Wide range of services
  • Reputable carriers on the territory of Russia
  • Fixed delivery terms that do not exceed 30 days
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Cooperation with big Chinese online stores, including AliExpress
  • Lower prices in comparison with bigger Chinese postal companies
  • Easy BAB parcel tracking that gives full information about your shipment.

All this makes BAB International a good choice for shipping parcels from China at an affordable price and within convenient time frames.

BAB tracking: how and where

When you are waiting for your BAB package, you might use the BAB tracking number to see where exactly your order is. It is important to do this as you as a receiver have an opportunity to open a dispute with the seller if the package is not shipped on time. Therefore, BAB tracking information will help you to keep abreast.

Clients get their BAB order number when placing an order in the office or distantly. Every customer can conduct BAB ground tracking on the company’s official website, which is available in English, Russian, and Сhinese. Just enter the unique BAB tracking code in the corresponding bar at the homepage. Keep in mind that the information may come with some delays and will be available only when it is downloaded to the system.

The best BAB tracking service

Another way to track the BAB package by number is to use the service. We recommend using it when you have a few parcels to track and want to do it in one place. Moreover, the interface here will be more appealing and convenient to use than the BAB tracking website, which has lots of bugs in the English version.

First, you need to proceed with a quick registration. After that, you will be able to track parcels from various postal companies, including BAB International. You only need to enter a particular tracking number in the search bar. always provides accurate and rapid shipment information.