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We are used to frequent orders through the Internet, and we can use varied national and international deliveries, and benefit from their comforts to get the best products. But this is at individual and family levels – the orders usually limit to personal needs and occasions. But what about small and medium e-commerce companies that start their retailing, for example? That’s where BoxC comes to the stage.

What is the BoxC Logistics company?

As the company presents itself, it offers complex solutions for establishing logistic management solutions for retail companies or other logistics firms. One of the particular features that distinguish BoxC from other similar companies is the flexibility that allows one to customize the services at the maximum.

Generally, the company’s philosophy involves the following principles that guide their work:

  • Make it available to anyone. Providing people with transparent pricing solutions and allowing them to see all the services that may be useful, Box C provides ample room for business development.
  • Facilitate what is possible. To provide considerate solutions BoxC Logistics makes it clear with every other step and route and does not complicate when there’s no necessity.
  • Providing better smoothness. International shipping may be confusing because some processes are complicated just by their nature – and BoxC helps reduce the issues when possible.
  • Taking challenges. The inventive team claims to perceive troubles more like curious tasks and opportunities, so they are more open to unexpected solutions where other services may not deal with the task.

Regarding these features, BoxC Logistics is indeed an attractive service to entrust your business to.

How does BoxC work?

The company provides full-pack services for national and international BoxC shipping. It means the following components are included:

  • developed network of all the service providers required at every shipping stage;
  • routes are created regarding the mentioned providers and their solutions – you can use both custom-created or pre-developed routes;
  • you can select the most convenient ones based on the necessary speed or requirements.

At the same time, the service suggests a line of advantages providing more comfort:

  • using one API, you won’t need to struggle to deal with multiple integrations;
  • the network is constantly updating with the latest data defining delivery terms and conditions characteristic of certain countries;
  • when they say the infrastructure is worldwide – they mean it, as every step that the parcel takes is prepared accurately and attentively;
  • the company does not require any additional or excessive expenses for the services – customers pay only for those options they actually use.

These features provide BoxC with robust shipping channels that are the most convenient for e-commerce.

Ways of tracking the package from BoxC

When it’s up to Box Logistics tracking, you won’t find a better order tracker than It’s an easy, fast, and comfortable website where you can search and see the main information about parcels' conditions and statuses.

To learn the needed data about your packages, you need to act as follows:

  1. Visit the Pkge website.
  2. Use the search bar on the homepage: enter the tracking ID(s) in the field (use a comma to separate them if you need to search for several at once).
  3. Press “Enter” or click “Search”.
  4. Look through the information.

If you need to get access to this info often and fast, you can use the advantages of mobile apps – package Tracker is available on both Android and iOS. Logging in offers more opportunities, one of which is saving the search history. Thus, you won’t need to enter the same numbers again if you need to look for status updates. The search results save up to 5 days.

BoxC Logistics tracking: international packages

To reach the info about parcels delivered internationally, you won’t need any special data or conditions. Just write the tracking codes as usual and use the same algorithm of actions.

What to do if BoxC tracking status is not updating?

Before you decide what actions to take, you need to define the reason why the delivery status is not updating. The most frequent reasons include the following:

  • The data has not been entered into the system yet. If your package was handed to the courier but has not been registered or scanned, you won’t see a new status. It takes up to 2 days, so wait for a little before tracking.
  • The parcel is still at the sender's disposition. If you worry about the delivery period, ask the supplier to send the package(s) ASAP.
  • Not all parcels can be tracked. Make sure you choose a registered mail service when ordering delivery.
  • You’ve made an error in the tracking code, which caused to incorrect system response. Check again for mistakes and try searching once more.

As you realize the exact reason, you’ll understand how to fix the issue. If you checked everything, it’s OK, but the number’s not working, it may be a system failure. You can wait for a little before trying again or call customer service to clarify the issue.

What is the speed of BoxC delivery?

The BoxC Logistic delivery services are based on the network of other service providers all over the world. It means that terms and conditions, delivery time particularly, depending on the carrier, distance, service type, and shipment weight. To learn how long some particular route will take, you need to calculate it individually regarding the mentioned parameters.

How much do BoxC Logistics services cost?

The pricing of delivery and additional services depending on the services themselves. The company claims to not charge customers for the options they don’t use. They also don’t require payments in advance.

Does BoxC work only in the US?

As it was mentioned, BoxC Logistics is a service that helps businesses to develop comfortable routes all over the world, so the company presents itself internationally.

How can customers contact BoxC Logistics?

On the website, visitors can learn general information related to the services that the company provides and the details that explain the offer. But to realize opportunities with more details, customers would need to contact the sales representatives. Customer service is also working to help solve issues quickly and smoothly.

BoxC Logistics channels for Customer Support

The main source where people can try to find the salvation of their issues is the BoxC Support Website. If you cannot deal with it using guidelines and articles, it’s possible to send a ticket using an eponymous button. If you do not search, use the link to go to the page with a form to fill in. After you’ve sent a request but did not get an answer in a considerable time, it’s possible to check out the ticket status in your personal account.

If you’re more used to social media, you can find BoxC on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The physical location of BoxC Logistics Inc

The company headquarters is located in New York at the address: 25 West 39th Street, Floor 14, Manhattan, New York, NY 10018, USA. You will find the office in Central Midtown, where you can address for cooperation or other questions.

BoxC Logistics Inc is a company with a vivid position that provides businesses with complex services for shipping arrangements. The company facilitates considerably the tasks for collecting information developing the best routes and keeping people updated with the latest information about their packages. It’s easy to track BoxC with – a simple and fast package tracker available in the browser and mobile apps. Try tracking now and use more opportunities with a personal account!