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With the rapid growth of e-commerce trades globally, DSV is at the forefront in ensuring swift delivery of shipments to clients all over the world. It began operations in 1976 in Denmark as a small family business in the transport industry. Today, DSV is a global company offering shipping solutions to major firms across the globe while connecting e-commerce traders from all walks of life. It has branches in over 75 countries with a team of 47,000 dedicated employees ready to deliver excellent customer services.

Apart from being a freight forwarder, it also offers DSV express tracking services through a feature known as ‘track and trace.’ It is a service that enhances efficient service delivery to clients while ensuring that they have a wholesome shipping experience. For instance, it is possible to track your parcel from Canada to Europe through DSV online tracking. So, you do not have to worry about lost packages and delays in deliveries because it has you covered.

DSV shipping tracking: How it works

The DSV tracking feature is available on the carrier’s official website by clicking on services and selecting the ‘track and trace’ option. Before the shipment process begins, each parcel is assigned a unique track order number or a DSV tracking number. This number acts as an identifier anytime you want to track your order. You can retrieve the number from the postal receipts after freight confirmation.

To access this service, you can register on the carrier’s website by following some simple steps. The postal service tracking is instant since the software retrieves the track order immediately from the integrated systems. Usually, the shipper sends the tracking number to the customer to enable self-tracking. You can track your parcel from the dispatch point to the final delivery point.

Apart from using the tracking number, you can also search your shipment using the customer reference number and shipment reference number.

Advantages of using DSV

DSV enjoys a solid reputation of a reliable and timely provider. Its benefits include:

  • Fast and efficient services;
  • Transport logistics is by land, sea, and air;
  • Accountability and transparency in each transaction;
  • Simple booking of orders;
  • DSV freight tracking services available;
  • Effective warehousing and logistics services.

International package tracking solutions

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