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About India Post

It is a government-run organization working in the field of documents and consignment delivery for more than 150 years. Other than delivering mail, this organization also provides Small Saving Schemes, life insurance under Postal Life Insurance, and Rural Postal Life Insurance, and retail services of items like postal tickets, bill collection, sale of forms, etc. Presently, India Post owns more than 155,005 POs (offices) within India.

How to track a India Post package?

You just need your India post tracking ID while following this quick method; steps are as follows:

  • Use this tracking link to track the package status.
  • Enter your tracking number and click on the ‘Track Package’ button.
  • Wait for a few seconds as details are fetched, and you’ll have detailed India Post tracking history.

You may also use the online tracker, offered by India Post. To use this tool, one has to enter the consignment number and enter a code, displayed on the page. The details will be shortly available.

How does tracking work?

India Post shipment tracking is constantly updated to render real-time and accurate information about the location of the courier. This tool can be used to fetch details like when the courier was booked, when it was dispatched, current location, and expected date of delivery.

What can be tracked?

PKGE tracker is highly efficient and can provide real-time details of most of the items shipped via India Post. For instance, you can track emails, speed posts, registered posts, insured parcels, value payable letters, business parcels, registered packages, express parcels, international EMS, DTDC, Speed Post, Blue Dart, Delhivery, UPS, FedEx, Aliexpress, DHL, Amazon, VRL, Professional Couriers, Gati, China post, Amazon, eBay and the like.

What do the order statuses mean?

While you’re tracking your order status, you might get different India Post track order status. Here are their details:

Item booked This means the article has been accepted for delivery
Item Received The article has been received by the postal service’s office
Item Bagged It means the item has been bagged for shipment
Item Dispatched The item has been dispatched
Out for Delivery During the India post courier tracking, this status signifies that the courier is out of delivery and will be delivered anytime
Item Delivered The article has been handed over to the recipient

What if my tracking information is unavailable?

It means that there are some delays in order scanning and shipping. Waiting for a few days is suggested for the latest updates.

What does the India Post track number look like?

It is a 13 digit long alphanumeric number with a unique combination of letters and digits. India post tracking number format or ID format generally has 2 alphabetic symbols in the beginning, 9 numbers thereafter, and 2 alphabetic symbols in the end.

Have a look at a few example India Post Tracking numbers to have a clearer idea of the format:

  • EK895671364IN
  • EE342221711IN
  • RX177777779IN

For e-money orders, the format has 18 symbols.

Where Do I Find My India Post Tracking Number?

Your tracking number will be available on the upper left side of the receipt that you must have got when you’d given the parcel to the postman or in a post office.

How to track package India Post without a tracking number?

Unfortunately, it is essential to have the tracking number to leverage the online tracking facility. In case you have lost it, you must contact the post office.

Why can't I track my India Post package?

It is because you’re tracking it too early. Tracking a package before it has been received or accepted by India Post will be of no use. A failed tracking status can also happen if the details are not entered correctly.

How can I calculate the cost of postal services at India Post?

There is a detailed online postage calculator on their website for Indian postal service tracking and price-calculation job. Enter the details of the parcel and you will have an idea of the cost involved in the shipment

What is a Business Parcel service?

It is a premium surface service rendering a cost-effective and reliable distribution solution for businesses of all sorts. India post parcel tracking can also be taken to ensure that you get real-time information about your business parcel.

Tariff Fee for Business Parcels:

Recipient Weight
​> = 2 kgs > = 5kgs Above 5 kg
Local 45 12 14
Same State 80 20 22
State sharing border with your state 100 25 28
Rest of the States in India 115 30 32
Metro Cities to/from State Capitals in other states than neighbour/same 105 25 28
NCR-Delhi/ Ghaziabad/ Noida /Greater Noida/ Faridabad 70 15 18

Delivery-Duration Standard

Recipient Averag​​e Time for Delivery
Local 1- 3 Days
Metro to Metro 3-5 Days
State Capital to State Capital 3-6 Day
Same State 2-6 Days
Rest of the Country 5-7 Days

For all ‘mail’ Categories, add one extra day at branch offices.

What is the tariff of the Business Parcel service?

The tariff of this service depends upon the location and weight of the article. For instance, within the state, sending an article of up to 2 kg will cost 80 INR. The same article will cost 45INR if sent to a local location. More details are on the India Post website.

What are the transit norms for delivery of Business Parcel service?

From booking to delivery, an article sent via this service will take 3-5 days for local delivery, 4-5 days for metro-metro, 4-6 days for state capital to the state capital, 3-6 day for the same state, and 6-7 days for the rest of the country.

Does India Post offer a Logistics Post facility?

Yes, the Logistics Post service is available. Under this service area, India Post takes care of the entire supply chain, from goods collection to distribution across the country.

What is International Air Parcels service?

Designed for corporate and retail customers, International Air Parcels are the easiest and cost-effective ways to send merchandise overseas. If lost, you are eligible to receive a pre-decided compensation from the India Post. Your parcel must not weigh more than 20 kg or exceed 1.05 metres in length (or as prescribed for the destination country. Minimum size for such a parcel is 90mmX 140mm.

What are prohibited India Post articles?

Articles that are sent in contravention of any enactment contain indecent printing or engraving has any indecent mark or sign, includes explosive, and has any living creatures are prohibited to send via India Post. You can see more rules related to prohibition by India Post and download lists of prohibited items from this official link

What is the International Tracked Packet service?

The International Tracked Packet Service is generally used by eCommerce businesses to send, track and trace the global consignments conveniently. Using India post international tracking service, one can send shipments up to 2 kg weight to the Asia Pacific region easily and track them during the transmission process using this tool. There is a pick-up facility and various types of discounts available if you are sending out a good volume of packets.

How can I find the pin code of my Area?

On the India Post website, there is a Pin code Locator tool. Use it to find out pin code details of your area. You may also Google your location’s name with the postfix in your search query as ‘pin code’. It should render the pin code information of your area.

How do I find the India Post-office?

To find the post-offices near me, use the Locate Post Office tool on the official website as a guest user.

How long does it take for India Post to deliver the package?

The timeline for delivery of different articles is mentioned in the citizen charter of India Post. It varies as per location and item shipped. In metro cities, it takes 1 to 3 days to deliver a parcel/order, if sent through a speed post. For the same state speed post deliveries or for one state capital to another, this duration is 1 to 4 days. For local deliveries, the delivery time for speed post is 1 to 2 days, and for the national deliveries, it will take around 4 to 5 days to get your goods delivered through speed post. Normal post may take longer time (up to 14 days).

How Can I Reschedule my Pickup Appointment?

Pick-up can only be rescheduling before the article has been handed over to the postman for delivery. Open Home and go to the Pickup Request in Menu > Mail Services. From here, you can find an option to ‘Request for Pick up Rescheduling’.

How can I redirect the mail to another address?

This can be done by visiting Home and opening the ‘Manage Mail’ section in Menu > Mail Services. Make sure you’re doing it before the article is out for delivery.

How can I cancel my pickup?

It can be done any time before the item is handed over to the postman for pick-up. For this, visit the account, open Home and go to the ‘Pickup Request’ in Menu > Mail Services. From here, you can find an option to Cancel Pickup and click on it to cancel your pickup request.

Can I give a different address to return the order?

Yes, you can provide a different address for the return of the order. Use your existing account for this. Open your user dashboard, go to the 'Manage Mail' section in Menu > Mail Services and configure the desired details in the 'Redirect Mail' column.