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Norsk courier company

Norsk is a courier company with over 25 years experience on the market, and it still occupies one of the leading places in the field of international freight, distribution, and logistics. Norsk provides high speed of delivery and a high level of safety for all goods.

The company uses modern, reliable transport and high-quality packaging. Standard Norsk shipping includes insurance. Clients do not usually encounter any difficulties during the delivery, and all the goods are always shipped in time. The option of purchasing additional insurance is available for costly and important goods.

Ship dangerous packages with Norsk

If you need to ship a dangerous package, Norsk company is one of the best choices that are available on the market. They have special Dangerous Goods department. This department is responsible for worldwide shipments of packages that can be potentially dangerous.

Norsk can help you to ship lithium batteries and laptops, aerosols and perfumes, flammable liquids, dry ice, and even dangerous biological samples. Full list of items and its transportation options is present here.

How to use Norsk tracking

It is very simple and convenient to track your Norsk packages. Each shipment has its own Norsk number. You will get this individual Norsk tracking number after finishing registration of your parcel. After this, you can use it to receive full information about the movements of your parcel and arrival date. To track your package, you can optionally choose to use official Norsk website or service.

The second option will be a better variant if:

  • you are a registered user and got used to this particular service;
  • you have lots of parcels to track from various carriers;
  • you can’t track your parcel on the official website because the Norsk tracking ID has changed on the territory of a new country.

Norsk international tracking

Norsk is a company with over 25 years of work in the field of international cargo transportation. Therefore, Norsk can provide high-quality logistics and fast international transportation. Track international Norsk shipment is as easy as a regular shipment tracking. Still, the customer should be ready for possible changes in Norsk tracking number and inaccessibility to the status of the parcel on Norsk official website. But will be able to show you the new information and all the current updates on the package status: just insert the available tracking ID in a search bar.