САТ (SAT) Tracking

САТ (SAT) https://www.sat.ua
Packages Delivery Terms САТ (SAT)
  • 0-14 days

  • 15-45 days

  • 46-90 days

  • 90+ days

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SAT is one of the leading courier companies in Ukraine providing transportation services to customers who value timely deliveries. It has 80 office divisions in different cities delivering goods to over 500 locations in Ukraine. The company operates seamlessly without limitations in weight and size of the shipment.

Its services include postal transportation, parcel delivery, trucking, cargo lifting, packaging, freight documentation, warehousing, and other transport logistics. SAT is a trusted partner in the shipping industry with a team of professionals working tirelessly to ensure your package arrives safely within the shortest time possible.

SAT online tracking: How it works

The SAT tracking service is vital in ensuring customers can track their parcels independently for them to have a guarantee of safe deliveries. You can locate the SAT tracking feature on the company’s website by clicking on the ‘track the cargo’ bar.

To track a parcel, you need to have an SAT tracking code. It is a unique number allowing you to retrieve the SAT package details from the system. Before the shipping process begins, each parcel has to undergo a scan which gives it the unique identifier.

Advantages of using SAT

  • Efficient service delivery
  • Effective tracking services
  • Door-to-door delivery services
  • Reasonable and transparent prices
  • Focus on the needs of customers.

SAT Shipping tracking solutions

Apart from the SAT tracking system, customers can also track their packages using Pkge.net. We are an international platform providing tracking solutions with ease and convenience. As long as you have Internet access, you can trace your parcel comfortably within the confines of your office or home. To access our services, sign up on the website and open a personal account. Pkge.net is a leading partner with courier companies all over the world. If you want a personalized shipping experience, track your parcel here.