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What is TrakPak?

TrakPak is a global delivery service provider designed for e-commerce. It is the first global service provider that enabled the point-to-point tracking service, and it is the most popular vendor in the United Kingdom. TrakPak is the low-cost parcel delivery service for people who want to send and receive international parcels, widely used by both individuals and businesses.

TrakPak is one of the most preferred delivery services for transporting heavy parcels internationally. It offers the lowest quotes for large-scale transportation among competitors. If you are not looking for an express delivery service, it is probably the cheapest option you can opt for. To send heavy parcels to Asia and South America, TrakPak is the number one vendor.

TrakPak service is not associated with no out of area surcharges or any other hidden charges. However, the quality of service is equivalent to costly express delivery services. There is also proof of delivery at the delivery point. The company has a large number of couriers in its portfolio to make delivery services fast and reliable.

Services Provided by TrakPak

  • Parcel pickup from your home or work;
  • Delivery at your home or work address;
  • Parcel insurance service.

How Does It Work?

TrakPak seamlessly operates the whole delivery process. It collects the parcel from your given address with the help of local courier service providers. Then the parcels are sorted at a P2P center, and the items are sent to the address with the help of a postage courier. The service provider makes sure that both the sender and receiver can track the movement of the shipment. You will be given all tracking data based on the parcel’s tracking number by inputting it into the website. You can track where the parcel is and also see when it is set to be delivered.

For a UK resident, the parcel will be collected by a local courier service provider from your home. It is then transported to Basildon for sorting and further dispatch to the final location. When you make the booking online, you will be provided with two stickers, which you need to attach to the parcel boxes.

Delivery Time

The delivery time of the service provider varies from place to place. The estimated delivery time for destinations in Europe varies between 4 and 6 working days. To send a parcel to Asia, TrakPak takes typically around 7-10 working days, and for South America, it is between 8 and 12 days.

Tracking TrakPak with is a website that gives you the convenience of tracking parcels from multiple courier service companies at a single place. provides a special window where you can type in the TrakPak track number, and within a few seconds the system will find out all the details of your package.

Advantages of Using

  • You can do real-time tracking of the parcels from multiple carriers and in multiple countries.
  • The system is fast and responsive and can get all the details within a few seconds.
  • You can also opt to make use of the app that is available for both Android and iOS.