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An expert provider of freight and logistics services, UTEC, has been offering business solutions and freight traffic for the last 10 years. As technology and shipping methods evolve, so do freight systems, creating a flawless step-by-step way of getting products to their destinations from purchase to delivery. UTEC works with the top exporters around the world including China, Russia, and the USA holding security and inspection controls across the board to guarantee safety and on-time delivery. 5 large warehouses are spread across 5 major continents to cut delivery times in half. Options like air, ocean, and train cargo are available with many customizable options in between. Both of these combined make ordering and shipping easy to organize and quick to arrive, with most orders reaching their destination in less than 5 days.

Tracking Your UTEC Package

Companies that choose to operate with the help of UTEC do so with confidence. The company will handle negotiations across borders to guarantee the best prices and offer a detailed look into its whereabouts along the way. Each shipment is labeled with a special UTEC tracking number that will remain attached to it throughout its entire journey. As the package makes its way towards its destination, the number will be scanned into a database that will update the current location of the package, allowing clients to track shipments and orders and give a more accurate estimation of when to expect its arrival. When the shipment has reached its destination, companies have the option to receive a signature electronically for confirmation. This number can be entered onto the company’s home page under ‘Track Cargo’ where the last scanned location will be shown.

Track UTEC Parcels at Pkge.net

The system used by UTEC will display only the information as it is scanned, without offering any status updates or unforeseen circumstances that could delay shipping. For this reason, it is of high importance for users to utilize several expert tracking systems that will provide not only location but also status updates. Pkge.net is one such expert, providing clients with the current location data and further notifications about any changes. It’s simple to use, requiring only the same unique tracking ID, which is entered on the homepage. The ID is saved and can be checked after creating a login. For companies with several packages circling the globe, tracking multiple packages is possible by using the same method while logged in. Updates are provided conveniently in real-time, with fully customizable notifications from the website.

With UTEC being responsible for many important shipments at a large overall cost, their safety, intactness, and security of delivery are of utmost importance. With e-commerce developing so quickly, clients order goods worldwide and have them travel long distances without even knowing their status and condition. Therefore, with Pkge.net, the process of waiting for a parcel to arrive becomes hassle-free and relaxed as you are informed about the shipment’s progress and don’t need to tolerate uncertainty. Besides, Pkge.net makes tracking of several shipments easier without the need to download several apps or visiting multiple websites to check the orders’ statuses.