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Yanwen Express is a leading service provider of e-commerce logistics across the border in China. The company also offers marketing services in approximately 50 cities across the nation and has the vision to increase exports in China and reduce the distances across the world. The vision of the company is to become one of the most reliable e-commerce logistic partners across the borders.

Yanwen History

Yanwen Express came into being in the year 1998 in China. It is a specialty logistics company that is formed by the agreement of a competent governmental organization. Logistics and express departments are the forte of the company and it aims at satisfying the different needs of the customers. Yanwen International Express is currently working in 123+ countries in the world and its head office is in Beijing city. The company holds the development mission of making in china and delivering across the world.

Yanwen Tracking

The e-commerce product logistics service provider offers comprehensive tracking service to its customers for their package or cargo. It could be easily done with just a tracking number.

You just need the 13 digits unique tracking number for the purpose. Just go to this page, and enter the unique tracking number provided by the company and click on ‘Track’.

If you wish to have all the updates relating to the location of your package on your email, you should use their tracking number or contact your seller.

Alternatively, you may also select a reliable tracking service for the purpose such as Pkge.net. The company lets you track your order or track any package with great ease. You will just need the track order number for the purpose.

Apart from this option and official website, one may also track shipments from other postal services such as GLS, Aliexpress shipping, TNT, and several others.

What does Yanwen track number look like?

A Yanwen tracking number has two capital letters in the beginning, nine digits in the middle, and two capital letters in the end as well. Letters YP at the end of the code stand for Yanwen Post. (e.g. UF261574079YP)

Yanwen tracking without a tracking number

Without a tracking number, it will be a bit tough to track the parcel. You may reach out to Yanwen support through call or email to figure out how to find the tracking number or track the parcel.

Yanwen Services

Nationwide Collection

Yanwen services have a wide bandwidth with the company having branches in more than 50 cities including Beijing.

9610 Docking and Tax Refund

The company provides both, 9610 docking service & 9610 tax refund services, which make exports across the border more noticeable.

Consolidation and Transshipment

The company serves customers of c-terminal and tracks the entire process of shipment.

Bonded Export

It offers tax refund services in case of custom supervision.

Intelligent Sorting

Yanwen services boast of sorting a maximum of 30,000 pieces an hour. It processes an average of 5 million packages daily, has a warehouse for national intelligent sorting that extends to 100,000 square meters and 5 sets of equipment for the purpose.

Value-added Services

Some of the top value-added services offered by the company include bonded export, 9610 docking and tax refund and transportation amongst many others.

Yanwen Rates

The price of the parcel shipping (in Yuan) will vary as per the source, destination, product type, goods, and weight of the package. As per your package, you may find out how much it will cost you. Use this official link.

How to send a package by Yanwen?

Yanwen is used by e-commerce sellers, to send the parcel within or outside the country. To begin with, you will have to set up their API Interface and follow their document. Before configuring, you may look into their pricing too.

What articles cannot be sent by Yanwen?

The prohibited articles cannot be sent by Yanwen shipping, such as hazardous materials. Also, articles that are restricted by other countries cannot be sent.

How long does Yanwen deliver to the USA?

The time taken for international shipments is 2 to 3 weeks, on average.

The normal time of delivery to the USA is about 16-35 days depending on whether it is a regular post, an air express freight, air freight or ocean freight. But it could go up to 35-60 days in case of exceptional scenarios such as unfavorable weather conditions, remote areas, holidays, etc.

How long does Yanwen deliver to the UK?

Generally, it takes about 15 to 20 days but in a few cases, the shipment will arrive within 4 to 5 days. The delay often happens when arrived goods go to the customs. The goods are then cleared through the customs depending on their nature and category.

Who delivers Yanwen in the USA?

Once the post leaves the destination country, i.e. China, the parcel is delivered through the local/standard post office of the recipient’s country. So, USPS or any US postal service agency delivers the parcels in the USA.

Who delivers Yanwen in the UK?

In the UK, Yanwen is delivered through the local post office of your region in the country.

How to return a package?

In case you want to return a package, fill the package and return it to the address of the Chinese sender, keeping the record number the same. It is forwarded with a new format number and all the expenses are paid by the buyer.

Yanwen does not deliver the package, what to do?

There are a few times when post delivery takes a lot of time, even 2 to 3 months. However, such situations are very rare. You should contact their support or the retailers, in case you have chosen Yanwen as a shipping method. Besides this, you may use tracking mediums to find other the exact location of your parcel.

How to contact Yanwen?

If you stay in China, use their national service phone number: 400-108-5656. However, if you are outside China, you should call the Yanwen customer service number: +86 755 8251 2889.