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Track the parcel Yanwen
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YANWEN International Express is a large Chinese company specializing in providing high-end logistics services and express delivery of goods to more than 120 countries of the world. Founded in 1998, the company was constantly expanding and now provides services for goods transportation by cars, airplanes and trains. Today, there’s not just a standard mail forwarding, but also courier delivery, free secondary order packing for more secure transfer and convenient Yanwen tracking at all stages of delivery.

YANWEN Shipping Tracking

The company strives to create the most comfortable conditions for customers, hence a special YANWEN parcel tracking system was created. Convenient service allows you to track packages by tracking numbers. After you made an order at online store, the service immediately forms a postal item, which YANWEN tracking id is assigned to. You may track your shipment on the official website of YANWEN International Express by entering the tracking code into a special window. It’s worth noticing that only English and Chinese versions of the site are available.YANWEN Tracking NumberFor YANWEN express tracking, such tracking number format is typical: the first two letters are UR or UA, followed by nine digits, and then couple letters at the end – YP. Those last letters signify that Yanwen Post is engaged in the shipment.
There is one more feature for YANWEN international tracking in the CIS countries. In case seeing that the Yanwen tracking code starts with UA letters, it means the goods can be tracked only while in China. When the order has UR letters in the tracking id, it indicates that it may be tracked in the CIS countries as well.

YANWEN Special Offering

There are few pleasant possibilities offered by YANWEN tracking. Among them are:
* Setting up free alerts about changes in the status of the order;
* User-friendly mobile version so that you always know the location of shipment;
* Quick delivery at affordable prices. On average, parcels from China arrive within 15-45 days via YANWEN International Express;
* Specifically for transportation of small-sized and less expensive products from AliExpress the company has developed a particular delivery method, called Special Line-YW. It is low-cost and fast, yet really safe way of transfer.
The company cooperates with the largest Internet trading platforms and suggests favorable conditions for the transportation of goods. Today, making purchases from AliExpress, eBay and TaoBao has become even more profitable with Yanwen Logistics delivery.

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