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Zest-Express: local but efficient

Zest Express is a courier company from Russia. It was founded in 1996 in Moscow as a part of ZEST-GROUP holding. Today it is still a small courier company which primarily focuses on the Russian segment of a shipping market. But the range of its services has expanded with the time. Zest Express can provide delivery of parcels, the arrangement of documents destruction, delivery for internet shops, storage of cargo, logistics consists and outsourcing. They can also provide all necessary help with transferring things from one house to another or moving from office to office. Zest Express operates 80 vehicles for everyday shipments and has well-established relationships with partner courier services for long distant international shipments.

Pros and cons of using Zest-Express

Zest Express carrier has its weak and strong points which are highlighted below. The advantages are:

  • the price calculator is handy and simply understandable;
  • Zest Express tracking is super easy and fast to use.

The disadvantages are:

  • bad English version of the website: some pages are missing;
  • some services like price calculator malfunction on an English version;
  • no mobile app.

Zest-Express tracking service

If you use Zest Express for delivery of the parcels, you might look for tracking of your shipments to receive all the information about its status during transportation and carrying. It is super easy to do with Zest Express. You can use Zest Express track package on the company’s official website. You will need to type the Zest Express tracking number. Clients get the unique code right after the sending of the parcel. Another way to use Zest Express tracking by tracking number is to turn to third-party services like Pkge.net. The second option may be preferable because the English website version of Zest Express malfunctions from time to time.

Zest-Express international tracking service

Zest Express gives preference to the shipments on the territory of Russia. But there is an option to make international shipment with the help of this carrier as well. Notice that Zest Express international tracking could be complicated. Zest Express uses the help of their partners for international shipments. And when partner couriers ship your parcel, they create their tracking number. So, you cannot use your regular Zest Express tracking number. Solve this problem with the use of pkge.net.