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Canada Post is the official postal carrier of Canada performing its operations throughout the country since 1867. At present, it employs over 64,000 full-time and part-time staff and functions in compliance with the federal regulations for Crown corporations. There are over 6,000 post offices across Canada serviced by a fleet of 13,000+ vehicles. The company is also the owner of Epost – a new online billing service launched by Canada Post in 2000 to simplify the process of maintenance bills’ receipt and payment for Canadians.


The first post of Canada ever made was in 1527 when John Rut found the lands and reported his discoveries to King Henry VIII. The actual history of Canada Post as a company (under the name of Royal Mail Canada) starts on April 1, 1868, when the Act for the Regulation of the Postal Service was released, and the delivery service became regulated by the Canadian government.

The significant milestone that provided more commercial benefits from postal services happened on October 16, 1981, when Canada Post was officially turned into a state-owned enterprise. Today, Canada Post is the main mail service provider operating in the country owned by the national government.


It’s easy to track a parcel delivered by the Canada Post service. Using the website, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • easy and fast website or app;
  • simultaneous search;
  • search history (you need to log in for this option).

The process of tracking does not take much time or effort. To find the necessary info about your parcel status, you need to:

  1. Go to
  2. Write down the tracking code(s) in the search bar.
  3. Press “Enter” or click “Search”.
  4. Read the info.

Users can look for status updates from their computers on the website, or they can install mobile apps. Package Tracker is available in Google Play and App Store.


To track Canada Post on or any other tracking service you will need the correct package tracking ID. Each postal service provides particular formats of codes that are typical for some mail types. In a tracking number Canada Post provides, you can meet two following formats:

  • a code that includes 16 numerals (with no letters, spaces, or symbols included) -- is used by post offices, where the first seven digits correspond to Canada post office tracking numbers;
  • a 13-character code – is applied on pre-printed labels; the sequence includes 2 capital letters (service type indicating registered mail or express delivery), 9 figures, and 2 more letters (CA – for Canada).

Using these IDs, you can learn your parcel statuses and watch them update.

How to Track Canada Post Package Without a Tracking Number

To track the packages shipped by Canada Post, you don’t necessarily need to use the tracking number only. Domestic packages’ tracking can be conducted with the help of a delivery notice card number, which contains 15 digits presented above the package’s barcode. The feature is not available for Canada Post tracking internationally.

Another alternative for tracking with no tracking I.D. at hand is the use of the parcel’s reference number. This feature is optional for senders, so if your sender has created some a separate reference number for the parcel, you can use that unique number or description for accurate, real-time Canada Post order tracking.

My tracking information is not updating

The absence of status updates for your shipment may be explained by several causes, including some technical delays with shipment and some issues with the Canada postal service tracking system. So, if the delay is temporary and doesn’t go beyond the estimated delivery date, don’t worry and wait for the update. In cases when the estimated delivery date has passed, and the parcel’s status is still not updating, it’s time to contact the Canada Post support for assistance.


Canada Post is the primary postal carrier in Canada on which millions of users rely, so it has to stay abreast of the new technologies and keep its services varied enough to meet the customers’ needs. Here is a glance at the scope of services that the company currently provides for its users, both domestically and internationally.


Priority shipping is the service available for all Canada Post users for domestic and international shipments. It has been developed in collaboration with FedEx to ensure safe and quick transfers of the mail and packages in foreign states. The peculiarity of priority shipping is overnight delivery to the USA and rapid deliveries within 2-3 business days to 220+ other states. The service is exceptionally valuable for those who need to get mail and shipments delivered in record time.


This service is most frequently used by Canadians who need speedy deliveries to the USA. With the shipment’s weight up to 30 kg, they may expect the same quick delivery times as Priority Mail service provides. International shipments are also available for several covered countries, with the shipment’s maximum weight ranging from 20 to 30 kg. In the U.S. territory, USPS handles the delivery of Expresspost items. In case the delivery is ordered for countries other than the USA, the shipments are handled as Priority Mail Express and EMS.

Flat rate box

The flat rate box option of shipping is a standard of Canada Post. The waiting time for local delivery is 1 day, while regional deliveries extend to 1-3 days, and national deliveries may take up to 7 days overall, depending on the distance between the sender and the recipient. Tracking and delivery are also available for these packages and liability coverage of up to $100. However, this type of shipment is non-eligible for additional liability coverage up to $5,000 and doesn’t presuppose the collect on delivery (COD) option. In case the flat rate box can’t be delivered to the recipient and has to be returned, the customer (i.e., the sender) covers all the additional costs associated with the returns.

Regular Parcel

Sending a regular parcel is the slowest shipment option at Canada Post. Delivery of such shipments within the same city may stretch up to 2 days, while regional deliveries take 3-5 days, and national – up to 9 business days. The carrier doesn’t give any on-time delivery guarantee, but tracking and delivery updates are still available for this shipment type. Any liability coverage comes at an extra cost, and then return to the sender also has to be paid additionally in case the shipment fails to reach the recipient.


To ensure your parcel is safe and sound, Canada Post provides its customers with information about the delivery stages – similar to how the national delivery statuses work. Thus, you can learn the following:

  • the moment when the order appeared in the Canada Post delivery system;
  • the moment when Canada Post took your package;
  • the moment when the parcel crossed the border and has been transmitted to another shipping company;
  • the moment of delivery;
  • the moment when the recipient was issued a notifying card letting him know the parcel is ready for pick-up.

To track Canada Post in the US you don’t need any additional information – just enter the tracking code as usual. When waiting for parcels to the US, Canada Post tracking may only differ in parcel statuses, but it depends on which shipper accepts the package.


Within the country's borders, Canada Post offers four baseline services to provide considerate delivery. The price depends on the package features and the type of service the customers choose:

  • Regular Parcel delivery takes from 2 to 13 business days and depends on how far you need the package to be shipped;
  • Canada Post Expedited Parcel tracking and shipping is not available for regular users – only business customers can use this service and expect delivery within 13 business days;
  • Xpresspost is available for both parcels and papers – Canada Post Express Post delivery takes 2 days max to arrive from one major center to another, and up to 7 working days in case of delivery to remote areas;
  • Priority mailing is also available for both parcels and papers – includes next-day delivery for major centers and takes 7 days maximum to make it to distant destination points (includes only business days).

These services cover most needs of Canadian customers.

How does it cost to ship a package?

You can calculate your shipment online on the website and see the exact price of your package.

Package and parcel size information

According to the limitations set by Canada Post, the shipment across Canada and to the USA should not exceed 30 kg. International packets may weigh up to 2 kg, while packets sent to the USA should not exceed 1 kg in weight. The dimensions set for flat rate boxes differ for small (35 x 26 x 5 cm, 5 kg max.), medium (39 x 26 x 12, 5 kg max.), and large (40 x 30 x 19 cm, 5 kg max.) parcels. The minimum dimensions for mailing tubes are 100 x 23 x 23 mm, with a surcharge applied to cylindrical tubes.

How to send a letter?

To send a letter, you first need to buy an envelope and stamps depending on your letter’s weight and size. If it’s of standard size and weighs less than 50 g, standard stamps apply. The maximum dimensions for letters that can be sent via Canada Post are 2 meters in length, length + girth not exceeding 3 m, and weight not exceeding 30 kg.

How many stamps do we need?

Generally, you’ll need one stamp for each mail shipment, but their price depends on whether you send a letter across Canada, to the USA, or internationally. For the domestic mail, you’ll need a stamp costing $1.07 (for a letter up to 30 g), and a $1.3 stamp for letters weighing 30-50 g. For mail sent to the USA, the same applies to stamps priced at $1.3 and $1.94, respectively. For international letters, the stamps are priced at $2.71 and $3.88, accordingly.

How long does it take for a parcel or letter to arrive?

It depends on the type of service you’re using. Priority Mail arrives overnight (Canada and the USA) and within 2-3 days across the globe. Flat rate boxes take 1 day for local deliveries, up to 7 days nationally. Regular parcels may take up to 9 days to arrive.

What are the delivery hours for Canada Post?

Couriers of Canada Post deliver packages between 9 am and 8 pm from Monday to Friday. The carrier doesn’t operate on weekends and major national holidays.

How do I get a refund for a Late delivery?

Refunds for late deliveries are done only for the shipments sent via the Priority, Xpresspost, and Expedited Parcel options. In case of the delayed delivery, you should submit the mailing receipt and a refund claim to the support staff of Canada Post within 30 days after the delivery.


Changing the mailing address is simple – just log in to the website and change the address in the personal cabinet. If you’re not registered online or can’t find the section in your personal settings, file an inquiry for the customer service representative with a request to introduce the corresponding changes. More about Mail Forwarding you can read here.


As a rule, a wrong postal code should cause too much trouble as the courier will still compare the ZIP code with the address, and if they don’t match, the postal system will still be guided by the address.


You can log in to the website and cancel the service in the personal cabinet. The service is not refunded after the start date. Keep in mind that changing the forwarding address is also impossible; the new address has to be purchased at an extra fee.


As Canada Post has over 6,000 local offices across Canada, you may easily find one next to you by visiting the website and checking the interactive map.


First, Canada Post encourages the clients to check several delivery locations (e.g., the mailroom, security desk, etc.). If the shipment can’t be located but shows as Delivered, then it’s time to contact support for a refund.


If your package had insurance coverage, you might file a claim to receive the insurance value. If there was no insurance coverage, you may still file a complaint to the Customer Service department.


The package will stay at the local post office for 14 days. If it fails to be delivered within that timeframe, it will be sent back.


If you haven’t opened the parcel, you may come to the local office of Canada Post and send it back. If you haven’t received the parcel, it will be automatically shipped back to the sender in 14 days.


If you have any feedback, questions, or offers to communicate to the company, you can contact them through the following channels:

  • the website allows for online inquiry – choose the issue, fill in the form, and send a request;
  • the national postal service is available on Twitter @canadaposthelps and Facebook;
  • phone channels are divided into numbers for individual (1-866-607-6301) and business (1-877-262-5762) issues;
  • send a mail by the address: Canada Post Customer Service, PO BOX 90022, 2701 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 1J8;
  • visit them at the headquarters at 2701 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0B1.

Using these channels helps fix your issues and solve them.


Looking for tracking statuses, it’s necessary to realize what to expect and how to understand them. The statuses used by Canada Post involve the following variants:

Status Meaning
In transit The parcel is in-between the registration points.
Delivered The recipient got the package. Or the item has been left at the recipient's front door due to he was absent. Or the item waits for you at your mailbox or parcel locker. Or the building manager agreed to pass the mail to you.
Item accepted It can be accepted at a post office or by Canada Post for international delivery.
Delivery attempt failed The recipient knows where and when to pick up the package from the notice card.
The item arrived in Canada The parcel crossed the borders and is waiting for further processing procedures.
Arrived at customs Your parcel is being checked by customs or Canada Border Services Agency. Or an item has been sent to customs in a destination country.
International item has left the originating country The shipment crossed the borders of its country of origin and is passed to the international shipper.
International items processed in the originating country The item is being prepared for export.
International item released from Customs Clearance has been completed successfully, and the shipment is transmitted to Canada Post for further processing.
Package information received Electronic information submitted by shipper.
Misc The status suggests a wide range of possible issues that happened to the parcel or during delivery. It may result from wrong addresses indicated, processing errors, weather conditions causing delays, etc.

For more details about package statuses, visit the delivery provider’s website.

Delivery is commonly used today for personal needs or business, and tracking packages helps avoid the related problem. Use as a Canada Post order tracker, and benefit from the comforts of web and app versions.