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Track the parcel Canada Post
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Tracking of Packages

Whether you want to ship your package within Canada or internationally, we are here for you. We are the most reliable postal service offering the best services at competitive prices. Our site offers quick links where you can be able to track your package wherever you are.
Canada Post tracking service ensures that clients are able to monitor the parcels via our website. With the emergence of technological advancements, most people have resorted to online shopping. It is a universal trend that appeals to many young shoppers. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for shipments to be tracked so as to ensure safe delivery of the products to the consumer. Most retail stores often liaise with us for safe and efficient deliveries. As a consumer, you can now shop in Canada without worrying about the loss of your package. Our services include online tracking to USA and other international countries. Our tracking site is quite informative and easy to use. Therefore, with a laptop and internet connection, you are good to go.

How Canada Post Tracking Works: Online Tracking

There are three ways in which the Canada Post online tracking tool can work depending on what you want to use:
* Using a tracking number
This number is found on your package or receipt. It is comprised of either 16 numerical numbers or 13 numerical numbers and alphabets.
In order to track your package, key in the tracking number and ensure that it is in the proper tracking number format. This tool shows the current location and status of the package. If you have several packages, you can track and confirm each package by repeating the procedure. The status indicates:
* Day of receipt
* Day of delivery
* The signee of the package
Also, it is crucial to note that the tracking number is accessed only by the individual sending the parcel. We do not record any tracking number of a package.
* Using a delivery card number
This is a notice that is sent to your mail. The delivery number is usually comprised of 15 numerical digits. Canada Post delivery tracking service is available on our site by choosing ‘delivery notice card number’ on the option key. Input the number and press enter.
* Using a reference number
You are given this number by the person responsible for shipping your parcel as well as the date of shipping. On our tracking site, choose the option of ‘reference number’, enter the date range when your parcel was shipped and press enter or track button for results.
The Internet plays a huge role in service tracking and connecting businesses to potential consumers. Thus, web tracking is important in ensuring efficient and accurate delivery of packages. Enhance your online shopping experience by shipping with Canada Post and experience top-notch service delivery.

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