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Posti is a government-owned postal corporation based in Finland providing parcel delivery services to businesses within and across the borders. Finland Post is a leading service offering logistics solutions through innovative ways, thus assisting retailers and clients connect within the e-commerce industry. It was founded in 1638 and currently has 1,900 office points with an extensive delivery network.

Apart from mailing letters, magazines, and personal packages, it offers e-commerce solutions such as warehousing, return shipments, global online shop, in-store deliveries, and marketing services.

Posti also provides tracking services via the Finland Post mail tracking, which helps clients to trace their parcels from the point of dispatch to the delivery point. It ensures that each package arrives within the distribution timeline and in perfect condition.

How Posti tracking works

The Finland Post tracking system is accessible directly on the company’s website or by logging in to the tracking services. You need to register and open an account to access the tracking tools. It allows you to trace the specific location and status of your parcel wherever you are.

When the sender is at the point of sale, the parcel usually undergoes a scan for unique identification. Each package gets a Finland Post tracking number, which is an essential code during the tracking process. You cannot trace your shipment without the unique identifier.

The tracking number integrates into the Posti system seamlessly and retrieves your parcel information automatically when you enter the code. It also has an auto-tracking feature, which you can set up to regularly send notifications whenever the status of your parcel changes.

Tracking solutions by Posti foster strong relationships in the supply chain industry since clients can know where their shipments are and how soon they will arrive.

Advantages of using Posti

  • It has an efficient tracking system.
  • It improves profitability in business through effective transport and logistics solutions.
  • Environment-friendly packaging materials.
  • It caters to both private clients with light-weight parcels and businesses with large shipments.
  • It offers warehousing services.

International Posti Shipping Tracking Solution

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