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Croatia Post is the leading national postal services provider in the Croatian republic. The state-owned corporation serves the private and public sectors in many different ways. It’s a one-stop shop that serves the Croatian public in the following key areas:

  • Sending and receiving one or several business parcels of up to 700 kg;
  • Special e-PARCEL service for customers sending large amounts of postal items and needing safe and reliable delivery and collection of money.

This service is ideal for businesses in the following niches: sales, online commerce, TV sales, and catalog. The company collects the e-Parcels at the client’s address and delivers them to the recipient’s address or selected post offices. This service is national and has more than 1.5 million addresses.

  • Customized commercial postage stamps with themes and motifs the user chooses as a unique way to present their businesses and products to the world. It offers these stamps to businesses that want to celebrate important anniversaries, make their businesses look novel, and want to attract special attention to their missions and visions.
  • Sending different advertising, promotional, and marketing materials as a modern and popular way of selling their brands and products.
  • Direct marketing services to deliver addressed items to identified addresses with direct or creative mails. Customers can also use it to deliver unaddressed items to unidentified addresses using unaddressed mails.
  • Electronic receipt book that saves customers time and reduces their cost of doing business. This app lets corporate users control their mailing systems, hence, save time and paper. This solution is the easiest way of avoiding manual completion of receipt books.

Croatia Post Tracking

Before the dawn of the Internet and the integration of ICT in the shipping industry, waiting for an important item to arrive was tense. It was like soccer lovers holding their breath during a penalty shootout of a FIFA Senior Men World Cup final. They crossed their fingers because they had no possible means of enjoying Croatia Post tracking.

However, our generation is lucky since technology has made it possible and easy to change the above situation. Modern mail and parcel addressees can wait for their cargo with peace of mind because they can track their status. Moreover, they can do this at the comfort of their houses and palms. With a simple Internet connection, they can use their Croatia Post tracking number to track their items. For those expecting shipment from online vendors, they need to key in the special 13-digit code into the “My Orders” section of their vendor’s ecommerce website.

Alternatively, also provides tracking solutions. We have a very simple and effective interface for tracking items shipped via this carrier or any other, including China Post, UK Mail, or EMS. You need to type into a special window your Croatia Post tracking number. Then, give the system a few seconds to search and track the parcel for you. It’s that simple and exciting.

Therefore, we welcome you to enjoy the confidence and calm our cargo tracking website offers. Just follow the process we highlighted above and enjoy the difference. Try it today.