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InPost is changing the way the world sees shipping and receiving parcels with new and fresh ideas that make the annoyance of pick-up and drop-off disappear. It is possible thanks to the company’s ‘lockers’ service that offers customers a 24/7 fully functioning courier throughout the UK and some European countries. With 1,200+ lockers scattered across the UK and much more available in other European states (e.g., Poland), InPost is gradually gaining ground as the users’ preferred postal carrier, ousting some shipment giants like DHL from the European markets. The lockers can be used both to send and pick up deliveries from one of several locations scattered throughout cities. Send a package virtually anywhere at any time that suits you best by visiting the lockers and following the on-screen directions. After you’re done, rest assured that your precious package will be in the best hands as it safely makes its way from one place to another. Pick-up is made easy by InPost, taking the hassle out of the old-fashioned waiting in line at the post office.

How to Track InPost Package

Keeping a lookout for your package is made easy at InPost as well, giving you an online option that functions with the help of the unique InPost tracking number placed on every package. Visit the service’s tracking portal and enter the number, then clicking the ‘search’ button to begin. You will be provided with an accurate location at the time of search and see the current and past activity of your item. You can also call customer service for any questions regarding the status of your shipments, but do keep in mind that there is a fee and the hours are limited between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. This method of tracking is great; however, there is a way to make it better.

Tracking InPost Orders with Pkge.Net

The ability to track InPost parcels on the carrier’s website is very convenient but using it in combination with the powerful tracking techniques at will guarantee you the best of both worlds. Rest assured that no matter where your package is coming from or going to, will be there. Not only will you receive location information, but you will also get updates, including the most recent location, expected delivery times, and status updates. And the best part, no extra numbers to memorize or search for as you can use the same InPost parcel number from the method mentioned above.

If there is ever a delay or some unforeseen circumstance, you will be notified immediately with an SMS or email. If you have multiple packages arriving from several different places, you can also follow them along their path, simply by repeating the process mentioned above for all your packages. Using keeps all of the information in one place, giving you the peace of mind while you anxiously await your delivery. Say goodbye to the old ways of shipping, receiving, and tracking and hello to the future – seamless real-time tracking with