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Malta Post PLC (Public Limited Company) is Malta’s national and largest postal corporation. The company was registered with the Malta Registry of Companies as a PLC in 1998. Thereafter, it commenced operations the same year in May. It’s the island’s only licensed Universal Service Provider of postal solutions to the public. After the island joined the EU (European Union), it has undergone several adjustments to make it conform to the quality standards the Union imposes. The national provider operates from Monday to Saturday, serving families and business enterprises across the island.

The state corporation offers the following services to individuals and corporate entities:

  • It sorts, collects, transports, and distributes local and international mails that include registered and insured postal services.
  • It delivers and receives all mail items sent to and from different worldwide destinations.
  • Offers direct mail services, mainly for business entities. These include managing and scanning documents, invoice processing, printing, folding, labeling, and enveloping.
  • Extra services for corporate clients that include business reply solutions and unaddressed advertising mails.
  • Offering quick, traceable, and secure mail deliveries locally and internationally.

Moreover, the company allows for the tracking of parcels. Therefore, any client interested in knowing the fate of their incoming cargo can do so easily and efficiently through Malta Post tracking.

How Does Malta Post Tracking Work?

The dawn of online commerce has made the world a local village market where shoppers can buy and sellers can ship wares freely. It has made things so easy that we no longer feel any boundaries except those we see in atlases. This increased integration, however, calls for a proper system of tracing the status of the goods people ship and expect to receive. Therefore, Malta Post tracking enters the picture. But how can you be sure your shipment is on the way coming? How can you know its fate as you wait for it to land in your designated postal address? Fortunately, tracking technology answers these questions.

Tracking orders in Malta and internationally is possible. First, your cargo’s sender will provide you with a unique Malta Post tracking number to trace your shipment. For example, if you shopped from another country or state, the online seller online will send you a code to help you confirm their delivery and track them. This code has 13 figures and letters for international shipment. For local shipment, it will have 13 numbers only. You can either visit your seller’s website and check for the code under “My Orders” or contact the vendor directly.

Malta Post Tracking with

Our tracking website makes things easier and convenient for you. You only need to log in and enter your tracking code into a special window. Within a few seconds, the system will have your parcel searched, defined, and tracked using the provided Malta Post tracking number. It’s that simple.

So, never again should you sit down worrying about your cargo’s fate when you can rely on our Malta Post tracking solutions or have the parcel shipped by Australia post, China post, EMS, or a postal carrier of any other country. We welcome you to sample them and see the difference they provide.