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Polar Express

Post tracking is a vital necessity of all customers conducting their shopping online, as it may take much time for their purchase to arrive at their place after it was paid. Thus, to rest assured that everything is fine, and the parcel is on its way, users monitor their shipments’ progression with the help of postal service tracking. The same system applies to Polar Express, a contemporary Russian leader in the sector of U.S. purchases’ delivery to Russian shoppers.

Polar Express emerged in 1995 as a brainchild of ITS (International Transport Solutions) with the purpose of diplomatic mail and cargo delivery from the USA to countries of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc.). In 10 years of its operation, Polar Express expanded to Russia and opened a number of regional offices with the purpose of print media distribution. By 2011, the shipper’s record already exceeded one million of delivered shipments, and the company opened its first warehouses in the USA. To date, Polar Express services over 60,000 individual and corporate clients, has over 4,000m2 of warehouse areas and employs 50+ staff.

Benefits of Polar Express

Both individual clients and business can make use of Polar Express services and enjoy the high quality of service combined with optimal pricing. The carrier renders a broad spectrum of services, which makes it a universal reference point for individuals with a variety of shipping needs.

At present, Polar Express specializes in shipment of packages ranging from 100g to 30kg in weight; all deliveries are conducted with the help of the global EMS. By partnering with EMS, Polar Express handles quick and accurate delivery of parcels, mail, and cargo to over 150 countries.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that all shipments you send via Polar Express are already insured (the cost of insurance is included into the shipment charges), so there is no need to pay extra for the security guarantees.

Polar Express Delivery Tracking

All clients of Polar Express can find out where their package is at any given moment with the help of the unique Polar Express tracking code provided upon the shipment’s processing in the carrier’s system. This ID serves as the unique identifier of the package and can be tracked either at the theTracking website or at the official websites of the carriers to which Polar Express transfers your package for further processing:

Once you have the Polar Express order number for your package, feel free to check the order’s status at any moment and keep pace of its progression to your local post office.

Polar Express Postal Tracking with Pkge.net

If you don’t use Polar Express as your regular carrier and have numerous packages delivered by different shippers, then you may find it more convenient to check the packages’ status and conduct the postal service tracking with the help of Pkge.net. Here we have combined all known postal carriers into one intuitive and understandable system working in real time and providing clients with all necessary data on their shipments. To conduct your Polar Express parcel tracking, just register at the website, go to the page of Polar Express, and then enter your unique identifier to check where your shipment is.