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Quantium Solutions

Headquartered in Singapore, Quantium is a logistics service provider in the Asia Pacific region that has made a big impact in the world of e-commerce. Their goal is to be the global leader in logistics, and they’re well on their way. They’ve made investments in all the most critical areas when it comes to their vision of expansion. From the smallest piece of mail to the largest shipments providing products to countries all over the world, Quantium promises to have the solutions for you. One of the carrier’s major focuses over the last five years has been to improve their large-scale global logistics options, making Quantium an ideal option for medium- to large-scale businesses.

When you decide to ship a package with Quantium, you can choose from among five different levels to provide you with the services you want. From top-notch standard shipping to Priority, you’re guaranteed to find the level and the means of shipping and delivery that is perfect for you. These levels are also highly customizable to guarantee that every aspect, even the smallest one, is included in whatever business-integrated logistics solution suits you.

Quantium tracking

When it comes to shipping with this company, you have to put a lot of trust in them to assure that your order will reach its destination on time, safe and sound. Therefore, so many companies offer tracking as a way to keep an eye out for your delivery from the comfort of your own home. It can be a dangerous world out there for a package, with threats of weather changes, accidents, human error, and many more unforeseen circumstances that could change the date of delivery. But when having all latest data about your parcel, you may not worry about packages being lost in transit.

All packages are labeled with a barcode today that holds a special number specific to that package. This unique number can be used to track the package no matter where it is and how it is transported.

With Quantium tracking, they promise just that. Not every level of tracking service is provided equally, but higher-priority service levels provide the most accurate and the most frequently updated parcel status information. There is no tracking available for standard services, while multiple tracking options are there for registered and priority services. The top tracking services provided show you detailed point-to-point tracking of your package wherever it may be.

So, how do your use this service for Quantium shipping tracking? It’s simple. Just visit the site’s homepage and log in by using your username and password created with your initial order. Then you’ll need your Quantium tracking number usually provided with order confirmation, and that’s all. This will provide you with the last known location of your package no matter where it’s heading and where it came from.

The same procedure can be followed when tracking international orders. Quantium has spread across the globe over the years and is now active in 12 different countries. While Quantium may be able to provide accurate location throughout the countries in which its offices are located, they fall a bit short when it comes to tracking outside of their usual service areas. We’re here to let you know that when it comes to the most accurate and up-to-date location services, there is a better method, Pkge.net.

Quantium delivery tracking with Pkge.net

Pkge.net is an international tracking service that has been in the business for a long time now. They have location and tracking services to provide you with the most reliable tracking information you can find. For the years in the track and trace business, Pkge.net has teamed up with hundreds of services across the globe to provide accurate and convenient tracking information.

Pairing up Quantium and Pkge.net creates a power team when it comes to tracking, allowing you to sit back as the most accurate and latest location of your parcel is provided in real-time mode. Tracking your Quantium shipments is simple with Pkge.net. First and foremost, you will need to create an account on Pkge.net. This can be done with an email and password or through Facebook or Google logins. Once you have an account, simply head to the home page and enter your Quantium tracking code. Then press the location balloon and you’re in for a treat. It’s that easy to locate, track, and receive the most recent updates for your most important packages. Keep track of single packages or multiple packages, all from one easy, accessible page.

Pkge.net provides highly customizable notification options that allow you to receive all the information you might be looking for. From your home screen, you can see everything happening with your package and receive updates if there are every any changes. If there is a delay, a change in the transportation mode, if your package is staying somewhere overnight, you follow its every step along the way. If you have multiple packages shipped all around the world, Pkge.net also makes it easy to keep track of them in one easy-to-reach place. Simply follow the same procedure mentioned above and that’s it. You can have all the most accurate and detailed to-the-point location information for all of your packages no matter the carrier, the distance, and the mode of transportation. This dashboard is easily accessible after login; there is never a need to use multiple logins on multiple sites just to keep an eye on all of your shipments.

Quantium parcel tracking has never been easier and more convenient than with Pkge.net. All the tiniest corners of the earth can now be tracked thanks to the added force of Pkge.net. Using only the most advanced postal tracking technology, we make tracking simple, while the website’s usability is unmatched. If you’re sending anything anywhere around the world, you’ll want a service with the most advanced technology to have your back; that’s where Pkge.net comes into play.