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  • 15-45 days

  • 46-90 days

  • 90+ days

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ROSAN EXPRESS is a transportation company that represents part of the Meest Group Corporation. This organization specializes in the delivery of cargos from China to Ukraine since 2005. Every day it gains more and more trust of clients and expands the list of its users among private individuals and legal entities.

Before performing the registration of your package, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited goods. Also, the option of collecting one shipment from different sellers is available in ROSAN EXPRESS. Orders are kept in a special locker and are included in the parcel only when all the declared goods will be at the point of cargo dispatch.

The minimum weight of the package delivered by air is 50 grams, the maximum – 2 kilograms. As for the cost of the contents of the parcel, it should be no more than 150 euros. If your shipment exceeds this amount, you will have to document the purchase.

If the value of the transferred goods in the package exceeds 150 euros or the weight is above 30 kilograms, it is necessary to carry out a commercial shipment by land transport.

Delivery of packages by ROSAN EXPRESS to the sorting office in Lviv on average takes 14 days.

The percentage of the loss of packages is only 0.004%, but this can also be avoided by timely contacting the support service. Always monitor the movement of your shipment throughout its journey.

How to Track Any Package by ROSAN EXPRESS

At the time of registration, each parcel at the reception center of the transport company is assigned a unique tracking number, by which you will be able to track your order until its delivery to your address.

Some cargo tracking websites, for example,, when registering, provide advanced features, such as automatic tracking of multiple parcels with notifications to your email.

ROSAN EXPRESS allows you to monitor your shipment’s path for free using the tracking code on its official website. The format of such a code is rather generic – it represents a combination of Latin letters and numbers.

You can track the package by ROSAN EXPRESS from the moment of its registration. However, it will start its journey after sorting, after at least one week.

To carry out easily monitoring of your order takes two steps:

  1. Enter the shipment search section and pass a minute verification.
  2. Enter your track order number in a designated bar and click the “Track the parcel” button.

Yet, it is not so convenient to track postal items through the ROSAN EXPRESS tracking service if you need to monitor several shipments at once.

The Most Convenient Resource to Track Your Order by ROSAN EXPRESS

You can manage your parcels at any time of the day with the help of the myMeest app. This application will allow you to contact the warehouse, track ROSAN EXPRESS parcels, communicate with the online support service, as well as pay for the delivery of goods with Visa, MasterCard and Alipay cards.

However, one of the most convenient resources for tracking shipments is, which offers several handy options:

  • tracking is carried out in real time;
  • information about the movement of the parcel is additionally provided in the form of notifications;
  • bookmarks can be saved for quick access to your favorite online retailers.

Online tracking of packages will help you to avoid the loss of time on the search and reduce delays in transit.