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Taiwan Post is a leading postal corporation owned by the government and offering parcel delivery services to residents of Taiwan, Asia, and other countries across the globe. It began operations in 1886 as Chunghwa Post, a postal and insurance company. With years of experience in the shipping industry, it strives to meet the needs of each client and large enterprises in the e-commerce industry. Currently, it has over 20 post office locations spread out across the country.

Its main postal services include parcel delivery, sale of stamps, hybrid mail involving the delivery of sensitive documents, stamp collection, insurance, and banking services. Both local and foreign clients can open a saving account with the postal company and access all the banking options available. Taiwan Post also has a digital postal museum with a rich history of the corporation since its inception. It has a massive collection of stamps that date back to 1886, and postal stamps mall where people can buy an anthology of stamp books.

An efficient tracking system is in place at Taiwan Post to assist customers in carrying out independent tracking of parcels with ease and convenience. It lessens the loss of parcels while fostering trust among the supply-chain partners.

How Taiwan Post tracking service works

Both business owners and individual consumers must know their parcel status from the point of dispatch to the last delivery point. Taiwan Post parcel tracking is an efficient way of tracing parcels regardless of time and location as long as you have Internet access.

At the point of sale, the shipment handlers usually assign each package with a unique number known as the Taiwan Post tracking number. It is a code that enables the automatic retrieval of each parcel during tracking. The merchant usually sends a notification to the recipient about the tracking ID since it is located on the payment receipt.

Taiwan Post mail tracking prevents parcel loss and allows you to know whether your parcel will arrive on time. It also builds trust between the retailers in the supply-chain industry and their customers.

Advantages of using Taiwan Post

  • It has an efficient tracking system.
  • It promotes international cross-border trades.
  • It has efficient banking services.
  • The postal museum makes people appreciate the evolution and history of Taiwan post.

Taiwan Post Shipping Tracking Solutions

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