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Whistl is a postal delivery company that provides customer service and delivery management solutions to its customers. It is the second-largest company in the UK and helps the customers make their business more efficient and their customers happier. It was estimated in 2015 that the company process about 25% of the mail in United Kingdom that comes to more than 3.7 billion items every year.

Whistl Delivery History

Whistl is a private postal delivery company based in the United Kingdom. It was founded on 26 May 2011 and was initially known as TNT Post UK. Until October 2015, this company was a wholly-owned subsidiary of PostNL, a Dutch company. It was only later that an executive buyout was completed and PostNL became a minority shareholder in the company.

Whistl Tracking

Whistl order tracking option is used to track bulk parcels or packages by online customers from platforms such as Aliexpress, Wish, Amazon, etc.

You can track your order by choosing any other tracking service that is reliable and quickly such as Pkge.net.

Apart from the official shipments, you may also track packages from UPS, DHL, etc. that are some of the other popular postal services.

What does Whistl tracking number look like?

A typical Whistl tracking number has 14 digits in all. The first four digits are alphabets and the following digits are numbers. (e.g.TYPQ2693456072)

Parcel Delivery Services

Whistl offers a diverse range of parcel delivery services both domestic and international that are aimed at fulfilling all expectations of the customers.

International Parcel Delivery with Customs Clearance

This parcel related service by Whistl helps the companies that are looking to import business-related items to the UK. It manages the complete process together with custom clearance that is regulatory approved.

Tracked Parcel Delivery

The fully tracked option works well for the ventures, looking for a flawless solution to handle their daily business operations. Through Whistl, businesses’ customers are allowed to schedule the next day, 2 day or 3 day for the UK. This will take a bit of extra time for international locations.

Part tracked parcel delivery

Use the part tracked parcel delivery services from the company to manage your customer’s expectations regarding their deliveries. They will get detailed tracking details of their packages whether they live in the UK or elsewhere.

Standard Parcel Delivery

If you are looking for a cost-efficient solution for sending your parcel, you should choose standard parcel delivery from Whistl. You will save your time and money and increase the revenues because the company manages the parcels right from collection from the seller’s place to the final delivery.

Mail Delivery Services

The company offers a wide range of mail delivery services that helps a customer to save money as well as time.

Sorted Mail Delivery Services

Sorted mail delivery services are a perfect solution for businesses looking for an easy and cost-effective way of sending sorted and large letters for UK wide delivery that is day-definite. The service is flexible as well as convenient.

Unsorted Mail Delivery Services

Even when it is about the unsorted mail in your business, the business promises a high-speed sorting technology together with a transport network that is reliable, making way for efficient services. With this, you know that even your unsorted mail is in safe hands

International Mailing Services

With the international mailing services from Whistl, you will never have to bother again where your customers live in this world. You may easily send your mails internationally, irrespective of the format of the mail. The option is both flexible and cost-effective.


Want to take care of your growing business and stuck with the heap of undelivered orders?

You should utilize Whistl fulfillment services to solve this issue.

The company offers a hassle-free order delivery service, starting from your end to the final destination. They are not just flexible, but their experts will save your time and money in the business.

For any business that receives approximately 500 orders a day, Whistl could be a perfect postal service partner. It will subsequently increase delivery performance and make the customer experience better.

Who delivers for Whistl?

The company processes approximately 25% of the mail in the United Kingdom. Its primary competitors are Royal Mail, UK Mail, Yodel, UPS, Parcel Force, Hermes, and DHL.

How does Whistl deliver?

Whistl makes use of technology to make its deliveries quick, reliable, and efficient for its clients. The company ensures that delivering a package is a seamless process for the customer right from the first step to the last when it is finally delivered to its destination.

Whistl Prices

Since the postal business has partnered with a number of UK as well as international courier companies, their prices are very competitive and reliable too. The company also focuses on delivering only competitively priced services to its customers whether for business mail, fulfillment, parcels, etc.

How to start using Whistl?

It is easy to use Whistl services for your delivery. You need to mention the total number of small parcels or letters that you are looking to send, also mention the number of boxes you will need for the purpose. You may then choose to either drop it off at a select drop shop or hand it over to the courier guy when he comes to collect it. And you are good to go!

What articles cannot be sent by Whistl?

There are whole lots of items that cannot be sent by Whistl and the company strictly adheres to any legislative changes that affect the delivery of a particular item. Here is a detailed list of prohibited items.

How to contact Whistl?

  • For any kind of general inquiries relating to services and customer care, call 01628 891 644 between 08:30 to 17:30.
  • For media inquiries, send a mail at whistl@owlms.com
  • To contact the sales inquiry team, call 01628 703 693