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Ordering goods from China is a widespread practice all over the world. With such platforms as Aliexpress or Wish, people get access to cheap products with many opportunities to use various discounts and other benefits. Simply put – such marketplaces are popular, and that is the reason for corresponding mail services are popular as well. One of them is Wish Post – a delivery service providing end-to-end logistics for international e-commerce merchants.

What is WishPost?

As we mentioned in the introduction, WishPost is a service that works for arranging cross-border delivery for companies that sell their products through the Wish marketplace. This platform is a popular online shop that works similarly to Aliexpress. The main difference is Wish is founded by a Canadian of Polish origin with headquarters in the US.

WishPost provides delivery services to ship purchases internationally from mainland China and Southeast Asia. The shipping options include not only transmittance from point A to point B, but all the additional services and movements required for the full-pack end-to-end delivery. Thus, among the main directions for the services, WishPost offers the following:

  • Uni-Freight Program corresponds to requirements for large item distribution and includes all modes of freight needed for these operations;
  • Advanced Logistics Program is designed for small-sized items drop shipping;
  • Uni-Inventory suggests providing the merchants with necessary warehousing facilities and related fulfillment services.

In providing such services, WishPost provides the following advantages pull-pack services with no need for additional service involvement. These services include considerate billing opportunities that allow for integrating with about 60 service providers. It helps keep the processes smooth and well-arranged. As shipping suggests such a large-scale network, it would be logical to assume that the service provides access to more than 180 destinations in the world.

What shipping options are available in Wish?

As the Wish platform focuses on selling cheap goods, WishPost offers two options for delivery. WishPost Registered mail provides a possibility to track your orders and is better for your package safety. Using registered mail, you can be confident that in case something happens to your parcel, you can count on a refund or quick problem salvation. The other service – WishPost Unregistered – does not allow to use of the WishPost tracker and is riskier, but allows one to order goods under a certain price with free shipping.

WishPost track – how to

To trace the package you ordered on Wish, you need a tracking ID – a number assigned to your parcel by post service. You can use Wish Post tracking only for registered mail; unregistered delivery allows you to learn the movements of your parcel until it crosses the China borders.

To use the Wish Post track:

  1. Go to the pkge.net platform.
  2. Enter the tracking codes into the search bar on the home page.
  3. Click “Search”.
  4. Look through the info.

As you searched for parcel info, the system saves your search history for up to 5 days after the search. You can get access to this history if you logged in before searching. For more comfort, the platform is also available in mobile apps – for iOS and Android.

Can you track packages without a tracking number?

No, you can’t. To find out the status of your package, you need the tracking ID anyway. You can find it on the following items or sources:

  • cheque issued by the post office when the item was sent;
  • confirmation e-mail sent by a merchant;
  • another message the sender has sent to notify you the package was handed over to the delivery service;
  • order information on your personal account in an online shop;
  • package info indicated in your personal account on the delivery service website.

To learn your tracking ID by other order-related info you can try contacting the customer service line.

How to get a tracking number from the post office?

Can you get a tracking number with parcel post? For this, contact the branch or use the customer support line. Use order-related information for customer support to look for your shipment in the system.

What does the Wish Post tracking number look like?

WishPost waybill number can transform during transit as the international delivery of products bought on Wish involves using the services of other logistic companies that WishPost cooperates with. Consequently, the tracking numbers change according to the format compatible with the database systems of these couriers.

Possible formats may include the following sequence variations:

  • 2 letters, 11 digits, 2 letters;
  • 2 letters, 12 digits, 3 letters;
  • 16 digits;
  • 2 letters, 9 digits, 2 letters;
  • 2 letters, 11 digits.

Letters at the beginning and the end of the codes most often indicate the type of service and the country codes, but other variations are also possible.

How to figure out the location of my Wish parcel?

It’s pretty easy to find a parcel location as the tracking system shows the point of last registration of an item before it went further to the destination point. So to learn where your package is, you just need to use the Wish Post order tracker as usual.

How long does it take Wish Post to deliver?

Normally the service completes delivery within a month. Variations are possible depending on where the destination point is, but if nothing caused a delay and it’s not a holiday season, the package will arrive in up to 30 days. If something happened and it was a delay case, the delivery deadline may be extended to 45 days. To learn the estimate for your parcel, browse the tracking ID(s) in the Pkge.net tracing platform – the information will include all the necessary data concerning your package.

WishPost tracking specifics in the USA, Canada, and the UK

Generally, the process of tracking in the US, Canada, or the United Kingdom is not different from using the Pkge WishPost tracker in other regions. The only detail to mention is for the residents of these countries the accuracy of delivery period estimation should be perceived with consideration of 2 to 3 days reserve.

Wish Post contact information

To get in touch with the Wish Post delivery, you can use the following options:

  • use an e-mail to communicate your problem to the company: customer_support@shpostwish.com, wish_post_merchant_support@wish.com, support@wish.com;
  • call them Monday to Saturday, 9:30 to 19:00 (consider time zones): 15000330482;
  • visit them at headquarters by the address: East One Sansome Street, 40th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104;
  • send a request;
  • FAQ at the online help center on the WishPost website.

Using these ways you can learn the info you cannot find by yourself using the sources in your disposition, and ask for help to solve the issues related to the package delivery.

Meaning of the WishPost statuses

The WishPost shipping process may involve multiple stages that are reflected by various statuses. The main of them include the following:

  • item has been registered – the package is in the database system;
  • item is processed at the carrier – the package passes the necessary registration and distribution procedures in the carrier’s facility;
  • shipped from sending depot. In transit – the item has departed;
  • in transit – the item moves from one checkpoint to another;
  • delivered to the destination processing center – the package arrived in the destination country and waits for further checking and registrations procedures;
  • inspected by destination country customs – the package is checked by customs;
  • failed destination country customs inspection – contact the help center to learn how to get a refund;
  • departed from destination customs – the item passed the check and goes to your county distribution hub;
  • arrived at the transit hub – the item awaits further distribution to your local branch;
  • departed from the transit hub – the item is moving to the local post office;
  • arrived at the delivery office – the courier will soon deliver the parcel;
  • picked up by courier – the parcel will arrive in a couple of hours;
  • delivered by the postman – you received the parcel;
  • delivery attempted or delivery failed – you weren’t at home when the postman arrived, so you need to schedule the time when you can pick up the package.

Many other variations are possible so be attentive and don’t hesitate to ask questions if something worries you.

International delivery is full of pitfalls, but by using considerate delivery and tracking options, you can avoid most problems. Use the pkge.net platform to benefit from fast, easy, and accurate tracking of your shipments from anywhere.