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Tracking of Parcels

It is important for customers to be able to guarantee the safety of their shipment in order to enhance accountability and growth in business. The emergence of technological advancements has enabled instant tracking and tracing of shipments. Hence, postal companies act as a bridge to connect people globally. AN post is a company that offers online tracking solutions to customers with an aim of providing efficient monitoring and timely service delivery. We also offer international tracking to our customers.

How to Track the Parcel

The parcels are assigned a tracking id, also referred to as a tracking number or tracking code. The unique number can be found on postal receipts. Usually the online sellers send the number to their customer via email.
The following are ways to track your package on our site’s tracking service:
* Track home
There is a ‘track list’ where you can track 5 bar coded shipments that are non-sequential. The AN post tracking number is then keyed into a special bar on our tracking system. After entering the numbers, you should lick submit.
* Track range
Customers can track a range of 500 barcoded shipments that are sequential. You are supposed to enter the range of the first and last numbers of the tracking code. Then click submit.
* Track by account
This option enables customers to track the barcodes according to their account ID and the date range of shipping. Enter the numbers of your account ID and the start and end date of when your package was shipped. And then click submit.

Tracking Delivery

This service is currently available locally to customers within Ireland. Tracking delivery is accessed on our tracking website where you are able to request an email notification once your parcel has been delivered. Enter the tracking or bar code number and your email address at the special bar, confirm your email and submit. We offer this email service for free. However, for this request to take effect, your parcel’s barcode must have undergone the first scan during receipt. It is important to note though, that you may have to wait several hours after posting the item.
With technological advancements, customers can now be able to track their parcels independently. This tracking tool offers efficient solutions since you are able to track each order using the tracking number or barcode. Online stores are able to grow their businesses confidently because AN post will deliver their products efficiently, accurately, and on time.