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Azerbaijan Post has a long history that dates back to ancient dynasties. However, its modern form as a postal corporation dates back to the 19th century in 1818. Its first postal service commenced on 1, June 1818 while mail forwarding started in 1826. Then, all international mailing took place using rail. Azerbaijan Post offers the public different services at the local and international level. Below are some of them:

  • Conventional postal or parcel delivery.
  • Modern and tech-savvy services such as banking and insurance.
  • Various financial services such as electronic payments that include pensions, social benefits, and money transfers. Also, it offers collection payments such as public utilities and taxes. The company also provides term and termless deposits services.
  • The sale of other savings products.
  • Improvement of current money order system.
  • Issuance of debit cards based on customers’ deposits and date of birth.
  • E-government services such as the issuance of different certificates as well as business and personal documents by local and central executive entities.
  • Collection of taxes, duties, and other fees on behalf of local and central statutory bodies
  • Sending and reception of letters.
  • Sending and reception of telegrams.
  • Express mail services.
  • Sending and receiving of small parcels.
  • Local and international money transfer.
  • Sending and setting of databases.
  • Internet access services to the public.
  • Offering vital government information to the public.
  • Free opening of email addresses to people in remote villages.
  • Electronic services to business entities.
  • Ecommerce services.

How Azerbaijan Post Tracking Works

It’s not enough for you to know that someone has dispatched your parcel or letter. It’s also necessary to know your incoming items’ status. Moreover, you should do so peacefully and effectively. Formerly, this waiting stage caused jitters among recipients because people had no relevant technology to enable them to conduct Azerbaijan Post Tracking. Fortunately, the rise of tracking technology has made Azerbaijan Post Tracking a breeze.

So, how can you track your order if you want to avoid the stress? You can do so in simple steps. First, get a special tracking number that will enable you to utilize different online platforms to track your items. This code contains 13 digits for local shipments while it mixes 13 digits and letters for international ones. You can find it in the shipping confirmation document your cargo’s sender provides you. Also, you can go to your vendor’s ecommerce website and then log into the “My Orders” section and extract it from there.

Next, you will take the tracking code and type it in the special tab at to commence the tracking process. After typing it, you will have to wait for a few seconds for the system to search for your order and update you. The process is just as simple as ABC for any carriers you’re using, be it the UK Mail, AliExpress Shipping, or EMS.

You too can join thousands of other addresses worldwide who are tracking their orders using our Azerbaijan Post Tracking website. Are you ready to join the revolution and enjoy serenity or you will lag behind? Try it today!