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China EMS

China EMS, specialized in internal and international express mail, represents the biggest logistics provider available in 31 provinces of China. An important feature of the company is that it guarantees reliable and quick delivery of goods using courier services. China EMS package tracking is easy and convenient for a resident of any place on the globe – you can do it on the main site or through a mobile application. China EMS package may be also referred as ePacket. ePacket is a well-known way to deliver orders from various online stores, including trading platforms like AliExpress.

China Shipping Tracking EMS

Cooperating with numerous online stores, company has developed a convenient system for tracking postal items to any country – China EMS tracking service. To track the ePacket you need to know the EMS China number, resembling the international tracking code. The China EMS tracking number format consists of a combination of letters and numbers. First couple of letters signifies type and method of parcel sending parcel, then there are 9 digits, and last two letters – CN, meaning China. You can find China EMS tracking code on the order page on the store’s website or request it from seller. Most often, after order payment, the China EMS number is emailed to given address.
The service also presents several user-friendly benefits:
* Tracking of few packages at once
EMS China package tracking also includes simultaneous tracking of around 20 parcels. The company has developed a convenient notification system – information about changes of the package location is sent via email or SMS. This allows you to save a lot of time and eliminates the need to repeatedly check the site.
* Rapid tracking by mobile app
The most convenient method of tracking EMS China package is ensured by the mobile application. Order tracking services are provided for free, and the application launches on any smartphone with Android and iOS platforms.
* Faster shipping
Delivery of orders from, for example, AliExpress, is much faster than usual – from two to three weeks. Information about the parcel is submitted from the moment of purchase payment right until the delivery is confirmed; the previous orders history is also preserved.
The company has been operating for almost 30 years, accumulating experience and constantly improving its service. Regular customers of online stores usually prefer courier delivery, since the overpayment for ePacket is insignificant. At the same time, you can be sure that your China EMS package won’t be lost or damaged while transferring, will be delivered on time.