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The Department of Postal Services in Cyprus, also referred to as Cyprus Post, is the national postal operator handling all logistics and transportation services in the country. The postal service of Cyprus has been in existence for many centuries, with the earliest records of mail delivery dating back to the Lusignan/Venetian era – the 12th-16th centuries AD. It currently holds the position of a universal service provider across the Republic of Cyprus until 2027, which entitles Cyprus Post to delivering exceptional service quality and a broad range of service coverage.

To date, Cyprus Post renders postal services both domestically and internationally, delivery of letter mail, courier services (international courier delivery via EMS Datapost, international premium postal solutions via QuickPost, and the Post Express Local Courier service for regular domestic deliveries), delivery of parcels, as well as financial services to the citizens and residents of Cyprus.

How Cyprus Post Tracking Works

The Cyprus Post mail tracking system is available for all clients of this postal carrier in line with the global trend towards online accessibility of tracking services. Thus, the carrier provides an efficient tracking system for every customer who has a parcel in the process of delivery. The ability to track and trace parcels is enabled by the assignment of a unique Cyprus Post tracking number to every parcel processed by the carrier. At the point of the parcel’s receipt into processing, the carrier assigns a unique ID that is indicated on the box or envelope of the shipment and is at the same time provided for the sender and recipient of the parcel. As a result, this unique identifier serves as a navigation mark for all participants of the delivery process, allowing any interested party to identify the location of the package at any point in time and determine the date of its estimated delivery.

Cyprus Post Web Tracking with

While all clients of Cyprus Post can always make use of the quick and efficient parcel tracking system on the company’s official website, the situation of having several shipments delivered by a variety of carriers at the same time is becoming increasingly common among shoppers around the world. Thus, it is evident that the users may find it too problematic to visit dozens of websites every day or download dozens of postal carrier apps to their smartphones. It’s too time-consuming. An ideal solution for keeping all your tracking data in one place is After a quick registration, you get to the personal cabinet in which you can input all your tracking IDs from all carriers that handle your shipments. The system will store that data and will send you real-time notifications about any status update of your shipments. In such a way, you will always stay updated about the progress of your deliveries and keep them under control.