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Postal services play a key role in the daily running and economy of Seychelles. They ensure the timely and safe arrival of letters and parcels within and outside the island state. This delivery includes priority and non-priority items people send and receive daily. At the heart of these services lies the country’s state postal corporation, Seychelles Post. This company is the island’s leading postal services provider. It’s also a member of the Universal Postal Union, a special UN outfit in charge of the delivery of different postal items such as letters and parcels. The company offers the following core services to individuals and corporate entities across the island republic.

  • Letters, postcards, printed papers, small packets up to 2 kilograms;
  • Documents or literature for the blind up to 7 kilos;
  • Specialized bags containing newspapers and periodicals up to 30 kilos;
  • Assorted parcels of up to 30 kilograms;
  • Express Mail service (EMS) of up to 30 kilos.

Seychelles Post Tracking

Although Seychelles is a small island, it’s not isolated from the rest of the world. The reason is that modern tech has integrated nations in many ways, especially through free trade. The dawn of Internet trade has enabled smaller businesses to compete internationally and deliver goods without hassles. However, this free delivery of goods necessitates a Seychelles Post tracking system that keeps customers and other non-commercial recipients in the know regarding their incoming packages. The reason is that goods traveling across oceans can make one cross their fingers as they ponder over their fate in between the sender and their postal addresses.

However, the good news is that the same tech that opened international borders for free trade has a solution to this tracking problem. The answer lies in the Seychelles Post tracking number. But what are these numbers? These are special codes that accompany a shipment locally or internationally. They enable the recipient to track their cargo peacefully as their wait for them to arrive. They can use them to trace both international and local orders. Both of these codes have thirteen digits although the international one mixes numbers with letters.

If you want to get the code, you can contact the sender or seller of the items you expect to receive to send it to you. If you are expecting merchandize from an online seller, you can visit the orders section of their ecommerce website where you can extract it.

Seychelles Post Tracking with

Moreover, our tracking website also allows you to track your incoming local and international packages from any carrier, including Seychelles Post, Australia Post, China Post, EMS, and hundreds of others. You only need to log into a special window with your order’s ID and wait for a few seconds to receive tracking notifications. Our easy and convenient system uses your special Seychelles Post tracking number to track your order. You don’t need any special ecommerce skills to track your orders since the system does everything for you.

So, why should you court worry and deny yourself peace of mind because you don’t know your shipment’s fate? Try our tracking system today and enjoy peace of mind.