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Sudapost: a key Sudan operator

Sudapost is a national postal operator of Sudan. Sudanese Postal Services Co. ltd was established ten years ago, in 2009. Sudapost is the leading national carrier which represents the country in the membership of regional and international postal unions.

Sudan Post sees its mission in the reformation and recovery of the Sudan postal environment, providing its clients with innovative and convenient technologies, adapting its services in accordance with international regulations.

Sudapost main services

According to its mission and purposes, Sudapost provides three main groups of services:

  • Logistics services. This is Sudapost strategic project which complements some of its other services. Logistics is conducted through a special management system and control through Logistics Services Section.
  • Financial services. This group of services offers the sale of electricity (via advanced payment system), the pension payment option, and the postal money transfer.
  • The postal group is represented by various services such as express, regular, and registered mail services; postal boxes services; parcel post service; mail delivery service and some others.

Sudan Post tracking

Sudapost is a socially responsible operator, and its goal is to take Sudan postal services to a new level. But the instruments they use are not as modern as some users are accustomed to. Sudapost tracking cannot be conducted online on the official carrier website. Sudapost also does not provide any applications to track its parcels.

Sudan Post: how to track the package

The only way to track Sudapost packages is to use a special service. Fortunately, can work with Sudan Post tracking number format.

If you want to use our convenient service, you should proceed to fast registration. After that, you will be able to track your parcels from various postal carriers from all over the world. It is no matter what kind of tracking ID you possess; our system will recognize all of them.

Once you have received the Sudan Post tracking package number, enter it in a search bar and see the status of your parcel. The notifications are timely and accurate. With, it is possible to track the package during all the way of shipment including the movements conducted by other carriers outside Sudan.