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wnDirect is an international courier company which helps retailers across the globe to achieve maximum growth in the e-commerce industry. It began operations in 2011 in the UK with intentions to offer transportation and logistics solutions. wnDirect is a delivery company that understands the e-commerce trends since its founders are retailers. With fast distribution services, it provides efficient global cross-border deliveries for retailers.

The company offers swift delivery services through wnDirect Go, Pronto, and Rapido. Other innovative solutions are rendered via the wnReturns, wnCollect, and wnDuty, which enhance delivery services and ensure customer satisfaction. Since the company values efficiency, it also offers wnDirect tracking to clients. You can track your shipment with ease and convenience wherever you are. Also, the tracking option ensures that recipients receive their parcels on time and in pristine condition.

How wnDirect tracking works

Tracking and tracing solutions let customers know the exact status of their package. The wnDirect tracking option is accessible on the carrier’s website where you can track your parcel using an order reference number or a tracking reference number. Thus, knowing your wnDirect tracking number is essential when you want to trace your shipment.

Before the shipment process begins, the parcel handlers make sure that they conduct a successful scan of each package. The scan assigns each parcel a unique identifier called a tracking number or a tracking ID. It is an important code that allows the system to retrieve parcel information during the tracking process.Usually, the sender shares the tracking number with the recipient after paying for the shipment, since the number is on the payment receipt.

Tracking enhances transparency and accountability of retailers and online merchandisers since clients can know the condition of the parcel before delivery.

Advantages of using wnDirect

  • It offers quick delivery services.
  • It provides international cross-border solutions to retailers.
  • It has extensive experience in the shipping industry.
  • wnDirect Go offers affordable, lightweight delivery services of items less than 2kg.
  • It caters specifically to the needs of e-commerce retailers.
  • It has bright and energetic employees.

International wnDirect Shipping Tracking Solution

The e-commerce industry is rapidly revolutionizing businesses across the globe, as more people are embracing the current trends. Retailers opt to widen their scope by buying and selling their merchandise worldwide because of the efficiency of courier companies.

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