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Boxberry is a Russian shipping company functioning since 2010 as a subsidiary of “Ural-Press.” It was initially created as a network of around 70 delivery points across the country, with its major specialization on deliveries from online shops. The international shipment department emerged in Boxberry in 2011; this enabled the company to conduct customs registration of shipments arriving in Russia from abroad. In this way, Boxberry has widened a network of foreign partners and started rendering the international shipment delivery services to Russian clients.

In later years, the company underwent a series of additional innovations. It launched courier delivery in 2013, started accepting business correspondence and parcels from private individuals in 2014, and started a collaborative partnership with Yandex.Delivery in 2015. Since then, the number of delivery points has exceeded 1,000, and Boxberry continues its dynamic expansion throughout Russia by covering new cities and expanding its list of foreign partners.

Benefits of Boxberry

If you wish to get your shipment from an overseas provider quickly and safely, Boxberry is the best option to consider. It currently guarantees:

  • Low delivery rates (for some partners, even zero shipping charges)
  • Quick delivery to a variety of Russian cities (1-3 weeks)
  • Delivery points in 442+ Russian cities
  • Courier services and delivery to your homeplace in over 200 cities
  • Advanced order tracking opportunities.

These benefits have made Boxberry the preferred shipper of numerous international e-commerce platforms and individuals across the globe.

Boxberry Tracking

All clients having their shipments delivered with the help of Boxberry surely want to know where their parcel is. For this purpose, the company provides Boxberry tracking information right after the package’s departure from the seller. By using this number, you can conduct the international package tracking in real time, with no delays or confusions.

Once the shipment is registered in Boxberry, it gets the unique Boxberry shipping number that you get as its recipient. It consists of 13 digits. However, please keep in mind that if you fail to find information about your Boxberry delivery tracking online, this doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your package. It only means that the online shop has not yet transferred your parcel to Boxberry.

Boxberry shipping tracking with is one of the international tracking resources at which you can conduct the tracking number lookup for your Boxberry shipments. It’s easy and non-problematic to locate your package with our service; the only thing you need to do is visit the website, select Boxberry as the postal service provider, and insert the Boxberry number into the corresponding tab. Once the data is provided, our system will find your parcel seamlessly and will provide the fullest tracking data available on it within an instant.

To date, is the best Boxberry tracking system available online because of the intuitive interface, availability of full tracking data, and the ease of use for website clients. Try our postal service tracking and you’ll never agree to less!