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Bulgaria Post is a leading postal corporation in Bulgaria partly owned by the Government. It was founded in 1879 to offer mail and parcel delivery services to Bulgarian residents and the international market. With years of experience in the shipping industry, the company strives to provide efficient and modernized deliveries. It currently has 3,000 office points across the country with a fleet of delivery trucks.

Its services include standard, and express postal deliveries, storage facilities, selling stamps, financial services, sale and distribution of newspapers and magazines. Quick deliveries, competent employees, perfect handling of parcels are some of the positive reviews from customers who use Bulgaria Post.

Also, it has an efficient tracking system that allows both senders and recipients to know the status of their parcels. You can monitor your package from the comfort of your home or office with one click. The track and trace feature fosters trust between suppliers, retailers, and consumers since it reveals all the details of the parcel from the dispatch point to the last stage of delivery. The service lessens episodes of theft, loss, and damage of packages during shipping.

How Bulgaria Post Tracking Works

Tracking packages is imperative in the shipping industry. Customers want to know that their parcels will arrive on time and in pristine condition. Bulgaria Post tracking allows you to carry out independent monitoring wherever you are.

Before the shipping process begins, shipment handlers scan each package to assign a unique code called the Bulgaria Post tracking number. Usually, the sender notifies the recipient the details of the payment receipt, which contains the identification code. You can track your parcel wherever you are with a computer and Internet access. Enter the number on the tracking site, and it will retrieve the status of your package automatically.

Apart from offering clients convenience, tracking is an efficient method of preventing loss of parcels during the transportation. Also, clients can be able to know if the package is damaged or rerouted to another destination.

Bulgaria Post International Tracking

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