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Direct Link provides postal and delivery services in the Nordic states. For years they have been behind groundbreaking ideas that are changing the businesses thinking about shipping and receiving parcels. The company is now exploring the world of e-commerce, offering several countries the ability to ship and receive a variety of packages to and from the Scandinavian states and around Europe. Acting as a partner, they are now offering small and large businesses convenient methods of operation to optimize productivity and increase profits. Dealing with the lightest of letters to the heaviest of cargo, Direct Link allows shipments to be picked up or delivered via parcel, collection point, or courier. Each shipment comes with security and the ability to manage returns in the event of a mishap. It hasn’t been long that the company held methods to ship by air and by sea, providing clients with faster and more practical routes and methods to get products into the hands of customers. These new additions are allowing shipments to reach their destinations faster and safer than ever before.

Direct Link Tracking

As orders are placed and shipment begins, each package or order comes with a unique number in the form of a barcode. It acts as the Direct Link tracking number, providing updated location information as the cargo progresses along its route. As it enters or exits its next holding point along the way, this barcode is scanned, transferring the information to the Direct Link’s website. With this number, customers can visit the homepage and find the tracking button next to which a blank box is displayed, asking you to enter the order’s unique identifier. From here, the information is displayed from the last known location and also the anticipated time of receipt is provided.

Added Tracking Security with

Most postal services offer some type of tracking system, but they lack options for notifications and require customers to enter the number each time the site is visited. For a more convenient approach, tracking services like can be used in combination with Direct Link. For Direct Link tracking, the same number corresponding to the order is all that is needed to begin receiving status updates. Creating a login is the first step, and after that, you may simply input the order number. From the personal portal, companies can access multiple orders, thus receiving notifications along every step and in the event of the delivery date’s change. Convenience and real-time updates are the reasons why several carriers across the globe choose to partner with There is never a question of expected delivery, chances of products getting lost along the way are reduced, and delivery is confirmed and secure. Moreover, enables seamless tracking of all packages processed by multiple carriers in one account, without the need to download numerous apps and keep an eye for your belongings on several websites.