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DPEX is a well-established postal corporation based in Asia. It delivers parcels across Asia and across the globe by bridging the shipment gap in the e-commerce industry. With more than 30 years of experience in the shipping industry, DPEX has a reliable network of office points spread across the Asian region. This enables them to serve the communities efficiently while incorporating technology in service deliveries.

With the upsurge of the e-commerce industry, most businesses are embracing the modern trends of trading across the globe. As a shopper, you expect to receive your products on time and in good condition. DPEX is a reliable courier company that partners with online stores to deliver shipments to customers in Asia and across the globe. It has a ‘track and trace’ feature available to enable clients to carry out independent tracking which is accessible on the company’s website.

DPEX shipping tracking: How it works

DPEX tracking service ensures that the clients are aware of their parcels during each delivery process. When the items reach the dispatch point, they assign each package a unique identifier called the DPEX tracking number or the DPEX tracking ID.

The DPEX tracking system allows you to track up to 10 shipments at once. It is not only efficient but also lowers the risk of parcel loss and damages.

Advantages of using DPEX

  • fast and reliable door to door deliveries;
  • app for mobile commerce businesses;
  • it offers freight and e-commerce logistics;

DPEX international tracking solutions

The technological dynamics are gradually changing the e-commerce industry in the world. Most people opt to shop online since it offers a variety of products and provides utmost convenience. Hence, courier services continue to partner with businesses to ensure that there is smooth delivery of parcels globally. Pkge.net is an efficient tracking company that assists customers to track their packages conveniently. We offer innovative tracking solutions by partnering with reputable postal services such as DPEX.

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