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Espeed Post is a leading logistics company based in China, providing reliable solutions in the shipping industry to customers who purchase goods nationally. It has strong partnerships with large postal corporations such as China Post and FedEx to offer personalized services to meet the numerous demands of customers across the globe.

The company handles parcel deliveries, freight forwarding, warehousing, and tracking systems. It strives to ensure timely delivery, efficient services, and accurate data through independent tracking. Door to door services also make Espeedpost a convenient logistics vendor.

Apart from independent tracking via third-party websites, you can monitor your parcel by sending an e-mail to the company and wait to receive notifications. It is an option available at the company’s official website known as ‘Track by e-mail.’

How Espeedpost tracking works

The Espeedpost tracking system is paramount in ensuring that customers can perform independent monitoring on all parcels at any time and place. It is a vital service that guarantees safe handling and delivery of packages.

For successful tracking to occur, you need a tracking number or ID. It is an essential code that is usually assigned to each parcel before its dispatch. The shippers must scan the packages to allocate a unique identifier using a barcode scanner. After payment, the sender forwards the shipment information to the recipient since the tracking number is on the receipt. The system then integrates the data within a few days to enable a seamless tracking process.

You can locate the feature under the tracking page on the website. It can allow you to track up to 25 parcels in one session, by entering one code per line. Wait for a few minutes as the system retrieves the details of your shipment — for instance, the dispatch date, expected arrival date, customs clearance, etc. In case there is a problem with the parcel, the system will automatically send you a notification alert.

Tracking is an efficient service that prevents shipping mishaps, such as loss and damages, while focusing on the needs of each customer.

International Espeedpost Tracking Solution

With the rise of the e-commerce industry, more people prefer to shop online and access numerous brands with a variety of goods. The online store owners must ensure that they deliver all orders on time with no complaints. Due to this, the brands have to partner with reliable courier companies for smooth deliveries. Since shoppers need to know the status of their shipment from time to time, tracking features come in handy. You can track your parcel within the confines of your home or office through

We are an international tracking company offering parcel monitoring solutions to both individuals and businesses across the globe. is in partnership with large postal corporations all over the world to improve service deliveries and ensure customer satisfaction through innovative tracking tools. Accurate data, efficient services, and convenience are some of the benefits of using our tracking tools. Open an account by registering on our website. All we need is your e-mail address and password, and you can start accessing our services. Try us for a fulfilling shipping experience.