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Efficient postal service is like an asset to the country that has several advantages. It is a medium to expand commerce and industry of a country; it promotes national cohesion and helps in the development of the economy.

The land of cherry blossoms also relies on its postal services that boast of a strong network, wide connectivity, and promises convenience to its citizens. The article covers everything you would like to know about Japan Post Services.

Japan Post History

From the year 2003 to 2007, Japan Post was a government-owned corporation in the country. It offered postal services, package delivery services, and banking and life insurance services to the customers and was considered to be one of the largest employers around the nation with more than 400,000 employees employed in 24,700 post offices all around Japan. Almost one-third of all the government employees in Japan were working for Japan Post during that period.

Japan Post was once the largest postal savings system in the world & the most notable holder of personal savings in the world. In October 2007, Japan was privatized due to political debates and reasons. After privatization, the postal business is now operated by Japan Post Holdings.

Japan Post Tracking

Japan Post Tracking is an integral part of Japan Post Services. It lets you know the exact status of your shipment. You will require a unique tracking number for the purpose.

In case you are the sender of the parcel, you will receive a receipt from the concerned post office. This receipt will have the tracking number for your shipment.

In case you are on the receiving end and the sender has mentioned your email id for correspondence, the tracking number will be mailed to you for any further reference.

You should find a reliable shipment tracking platform Pkge.net that can track any package including international package tracking for the purpose.

What does Japan post tracking number look like?

Japan post tracking number is a unique combination of numbers and alphabets that are used to track a parcel. The format of a commonly used tracking number has a total of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters. Such number usually starts with two letters, is followed by 9 numbers and ends with a JP (e.g. 999 999 999 JP). While this is the most popular format, there are other formats as well that might not be too popular.

Japan Post Services in Japan

There is a whole range of Japan post services that are offered to make the lives of people residing in Japan more convenient and comfortable. Here’s their classification:

Standard Mail Services (letter, postcard)

The standard mail services in Japan Post are classified as first-class mail and second-class mail. Letters are included in the first class mail and they can be in a standard size, non-standard size, or in form of mini-letters.

Letter pack

Under the Letter Pack service, A4 size packages that weigh up to 4 kg can be sent across Japan and that too at a flat rate. The packages can also include correspondence. Besides a uniform postage, the service also has advantage of assured tracking service and can be conveniently deposited in a post box too.

Yu-Pack (parcel)

Yu-Pack or your precious package is delivered throughout Japan. You can choose to send it either from post offices across Japan or convenience stores that have pitched-in to handle such services.

Registered mail

In case of a registered mail, the complete process starting from the acceptance of the postal items to their final delivery is recorded. In case the postal items are unsent or damaged, the general rule is to compensate the amount (within the declared amount of insured value) of real damage.

Express mail

Using Express mail service, one can send postal items such as letters and postcards, including the Yu-mail, promptly. Besides the postage of the items, an additional charge for express mail service needs to be paid by the user.

Delivery date-specified mail

This one is for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. All the postal items including cards and gifts are delivered to their destination on the specified date, irrespective of whether the day is Sunday or a holiday. People who cannot receive the post on weekdays can receive them on Sunday.

An additional charge needs to be paid for the service besides the postage of the items.

Japan Post Services Overseas

If you are looking to send postal items overseas from Japan, there are enough Japan Post Services for that as well. Here are their different types:

Express Mail Service (EMS)

EMS Japan Post is one of the fastest international mail services in Japan Post services. It is a convenient, secure and economic method to send up to 30 kg of documents and merchandise. You can use it for more than 120 countries and territories around the world.


The mail under this category is classified into standard-sized mail and nonstandard-sized mail. The letters and documents that are up to 2 kg can be easily sent using this service.


Postcards are an integral part of Japan Post Service. They can be sent across the world at a flat rate of 60 Yen for surface mail and 70 Yen for airmail. The exclusive international postcards that are meant for airmail are easily available at the post offices.

International Parcel Post

The international parcel post service is used to send general goods. There are three different types of shipping and the maximum limit of weight is 30 kg. The procedure is simple and uncomplicated and the parcels can be insured against any kind of loss or damage.

Comparing Shipping Types

There are three different shipping types for international mail. The customers can choose their option depending on the rates and the number of delivery days that work out for them.

  • Express Mail Service (EMS)

This service holds the top priority as far as international mail is concerned. All the posts are delivered within two to four days anywhere around the world.

  • Airmail

The deliveries are made within 3 to 6 days. However, the charges are relatively higher since the medium of transport is by air.

  • Economy Air (SAL)

The items are transported by air but they are less prioritized than the air mail. So the advantage is that the service is faster when compared to surface mail but costs are lower when compared to air mail.

  • Surface mail

The deliveries can take anywhere between 1 to 3 months and so the rates are reasonable as well.

What articles cannot be sent overseas by Japan post?

There are certain articles that cannot be sent overseas by Japan Post. These include those that are restricted by certain countries apart from the very obvious prohibited items such as hazardous materials.

How to fill out the parcel label?

Filling the parcel label of Japanese post neatly and correctly does not just ensure the safety of the shipment but can also helps in cases of Japan post tracking. Make sure to add all the details such as the sender’s address; recipient’s address and a detailed description of the contents in the parcel.

How to write the address and name?

For a safe and secure delivery, it is advisable to write the recipient’s name and address in the language that is commonly used in the destination country.

Write the sender’s name (first and last) in the first row, the name of the building or the apartment in the second row, house number, street or village in the third row. Write the city/state/province in the third row and the postal code and the country in the fifth row.

How long does Japan post take to US?

It takes about two weeks’ time to deliver Japan Post from the Tokyo International Post Office to the United States of America. But there are other factors that will affect this time period such as the destination city.

You can easily track your shipment at pkge.net, a platform that lets you track a parcel from anywhere in the world. You can also track shipments from other popular postal services such as DHL, TNT, Aliexpress Shipping right here.

What days does Japan post deliver?

The delivery days of Japan post will depend on the shipping method selected. It is different for EMS, Airmail, and Surface mail or SAL. Refer to the website to know more.

How long does Japan post keep the item at the post office?

In case the receiver of the post is not present at the destination, the items of the mail are kept at the delivering post office for 7 days. In cases where the items cannot be sent to the receiver within the 7 days period, they are sent back to the sender.

How to change the address?

If you are looking to change the address on the shipment that you have already posted, you will be required to contact your nearest post office. However, there are a few countries that do not offer the service of addressee name change. In cases where the postal items are sent to such countries, the change of address can only be performed if the items have not been prepared for dispatch from the exchange office.

Japan Post redelivery

If any of your shipments could not be delivered to you because you were not home or the parcels would not fit in your mailbox, the Japan Post will leave ‘Undeliverable item notice’ in your mailbox. You will be required to a set of instructions to confirm if you would like the Japan post redelivery or pick them up from a specific post office.

How to return a parcel?

When it comes to returning a parcel, Japan Post makes it as convenient and comfortable as receiving one.

When returning a parcel, ensure that the item is well packed and then put a return label on it.

You can then contact the Japan Post for collection of the parcel. You can call their unique toll-free number 0800-0800-111 either from your mobile phone or landline and then punch in the seven digit zip code and you will be directed to the post office in charge.

What are the procedures for a compensation claim regarding the damaged or missing postal items?

A sender has the right to claim compensation regarding damaged or missing postal items but there are definite procedures for the same.

In cases where the addressee receives a mail in broken or damaged condition, the addressee must keep it in the same condition and declare the loss to the local post office.

In cases where the postal items are not delivered or there are chances of theft, as a first step, request for Japan post tracking or submit a search request and wait for an answer. If a compensation claim is justified in the case, one can proceed to fill the compensation claim application that is drafted by the branch that has been assigned by the postal company.

Japan Post Contacts

For any inquiries on international mail, one can call on the following numbers:

  • Customer Service Center: 0120-5931-55 (Toll-free)
  • Mobile Phone: 0570-046-666 (Chargeable call)
  • For English: 0570-046-111

However, it is advisable to visit their website and click on Find Post Offices to search the post offices by station name, address or establishment name.