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Pos Laju Tracking

European buyers don’t use Malaysia Post so often; therefore, the use of this service may be connected with different difficulties. For example, Pos Malaysia tracking numbers are very unusual, the id combination of such a parcel may end in “MY” letters. However, the fact is that the Malaysian service is now used by such trading platforms as Aliexpress because China Post and other carriers cannot cope with such a great number of orders. At the same time, Malaysian stores began to offer their products at AliExpress, so, now millions of buyers around the world receive parcels from Pos Malaysia. In this case, Pos Laju tracking international is a very helpful option.

Pos Malaysia: Track Package and Other Services

Pos Malaysia provides its customers with the opportunity of parcel tracking, but this company has some peculiarities. For example, if you are used to tracking parcels at the website of the International Postal Union, you may have some troubles with Pos Malaysia - Pos Laju tracking code because it has a very unusual format.

Pos Laju Tracking Number Format

The first thing you need to know is that Pos Malaysia tracking numbers differ in the first letters – there are three letters at the beginning instead of the usual two. Therefore, not all services can track parcels by Malaysia Post easily and quickly. These codes can also be changed in the end: you can see “MY” letters at the end, however, “QF,” and “BL” combinations are also possible. The code itself consists of thirty letters due to the rules of a particular Malaysia Post tracking system.
You can use the Pos Malaysia tracking service on the official website, where you need to fill in the tracking number in a special window. Further on, you may find information about mail services and their cost, which will be useful if you want to buy goods not from Ali, but from other stores in Malaysia.
Another way to use carrier Pos Laju tracking is to register at our service pkge.net, which has access to all major shipping companies, including Malaysia Post. Hence, after registration, you will not have any problems that may happen when your parcel is passed to another carrier for further delivery. In addition, you can save different track numbers to locate them simultaneously and make settings for e-mail notifications in case, if the status of the parcel is changed after registration. So, you can always use Pos Malaysia parcel tracking at pkge.net to locate your parcel and learn where your order is right now.