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MRW company: excellence through the years

MRW is one of the leading Spanish shipment companies. It has over 50 years of successful work experience and defined principles of operating. MRW was established in 1977 by Francisco Martin Frias who managed the company as a CEO until his resignation in 2012.

Nowadays MRW has operational headquarters in Barcelona and Valencia. The MRW group comprises over:

  • 550 offices;
  • 3,300 vehicles;
  • 1,600 shipping routes;
  • 56 operating platforms;
  • 10,000 people.

The company states that they conduct more than 60 million shipments in a year. Dozens of offices are located in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Gibraltar. New operating platforms allow MRW to satisfy the needs of all types of individuals and companies. MRW is a trustful partner of over the 15,000 online shops which use its services for shipment. The flexibility and huge variety of business solutions have earned MRW an excellent reputation and loyalty of its customers.

MRW services and principles of work

The mission of MRW company is focused on joining the distances in the most convenient way for its customers. Moreover, MRW commits to a more sustainable world by following its excellence policy. The company maintains an Integrated Management System which is not only focused on the customers’ satisfaction but also guarantees the safety of people and information; constant improvement; protection of the environment.

MRW works as a single mechanism and is based on the values of commitment, innovation, efficiency, and transparency. MRW has got official agreements and certifications that confirms its serious approach.

All this leads to good quality services provided by the carrier. The choice includes national and international services for both individual and business clients. The selection is really wide, and one can find those which suit him the best. For example, pay attention to a few beneficial options for international services: Ecobox25 and Ecopaq. MRW also provides discounts to some groups of people.

One of the unique MRW services is the urgent transportation of pets. Their vehicles have a special design for carrying animals in proper conditions. Transportation is supervised by vets.

All in all, MRW is always ready to discuss the needs of its clients and meet their requirements by providing flexible solutions.

MRW tracking system

MRW has got a convenient official website and even a separate page for the blog. A special section is also dedicated to the MRW shipping tracking. Thus, clients can follow the status of their parcels on the official website.

Another option is to download a special application from the App Store or Google Play. Moreover, MRW tracking order can be even faster and easier as the company offers various notifications about the parcel movements. They may be made via SMS, email or by phone calls. As you can see, clients can choose from many methods to track their packages.

MRW tracking with

The MRW track page is a convenient place to watch the status and movements of your parcel. But if you have got a few packages shipping by different carriers or if MRW transmits the package to another carrier in a new country, will be a better option to track all the parcels.

This service allows the clients to have all the parcels in one place. You won’t need to enter all the tracking IDs of different postal carriers on their websites. The first and last step is to insert a tracking number and follow the way of your parcel on

MRW international tracking is sometimes conducted with the help of other carriers when the parcel travels outside the MRW operated territory. The tracking ID may change with the change of carrier, but you won’t lose any information with our service as it keeps the data on your parcel up-to-date.