Track the parcel Parcel2Go

Track the parcel Parcel2Go
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Parcel2Go tracking and other features

Parcel2Go helps people to choose the most suitable delivery carrier. You can find various domestic and international carriers on its official website, get a quote, and compare all the available variants of shipping.

The company was founded by the Adams-Mercer family together with Steven Kramer. Since then, Parcel2Go has won numerous awards including Fast Growth Business and Northern tech. In 2017 it merged with National Pallets. Parcel2Go is based in Bolton and has more than ten years of experience on the market, which makes it trustful and reliable.

With Parcel2Go, you can send almost anything, from small packages to large parcels, and do that at surprisingly low prices.

Parcel2Go helps clients to save their money, time, and effort by comparing different postal carriers and finding the right one for the customer’s needs and money. Parcel2Go only works with the best carriers inside and outside the UK. These can be famous giants as well as small local companies. Among them, you can see:

Parcel2Go services and tools

Parcel2Go offers a wide range of services and modern tools to make postal transportation easier and more comfortable.

When shipping inside the UK, you will be offered a collection service from your door, drop-off service at one of 25,000 pick-up points, fast same/next/2-3 day deliveries, no printer courier service, advice on your parcel delivery, calculation of postal cost in advance, as well as delivery of small/large/heavy parcels.

International parcel shipment offers economy and express deliveries to dozens of destinations including Australia, the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Parcel2Go can also offer an integration with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, PrestaShop, Magento, and some other popular selling platforms.

When you use Parcel2Go, you have a set of handy postal tools:

  • Parcel2Go prepay
  • Print your label and invoice option
  • Rearranging of your collection
  • Postcode Finder
  • Parcel2Go tracking
  • Volume calculator of the package

The ‘Smart Send’ option of Parcel2Go is a unique shipping solution that allows managing e-commerce deliveries and booking your shipments automatically. It is paired with lots of platforms and is free of charge. Such multi-channel management helps customers to save time and control their shipments.

Parcel2Go online tracking

You can easily track the route of your parcels with Parcel2Go. The company offers a simple tool to always keep an eye on your delivery. To start tracking the parcel, you need to enter the Parcel2Go tracking ID. This ID is usually provided with the e-mail confirmation. You may enter it into the Parcel2Go track package tab and get immediate access to all information about your delivery.

Parcel2Go international tracking is also available. You can follow this complex and multi-stage delivery from the beginning till the time your package reaches its destination. The information will be displayed even when customs check the package.

Another option to track the Parcel2Go package is to use services like Here you can control the delivery from different carriers in a single place. Fast registration is required. After this, you will have an opportunity to track various deliveries from all postal carriers. is a handy tool for customers who ship often and a lot.

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