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Are you looking for an affordable way to enjoy safe and secure within and outside the UK? Then you can’t make it happen without Parcel2Go. It has earned a remarkable reputation and eminence in local UK markets and at a global level with the help of its hassle-free, cost-effective, and safe parcel delivery service.

What is Parcel2Go and how does it work?

Parcel2Go is a leading delivery giant in the UK helping millions of people to send parcels and packages in 180+ countries and territories worldwide. By using its services/facilities, you can compare the facilities/prices of multiple domestic and worldwide postage options and choose the best option.

They have a wide delivery partner network in the UK and across to ensure the safe and sound delivery of your packages/parcels at an affordable cost.

How you can do Parcel2Go tracking?

With the help of the tracker tool, you can easily track your parcel if you have Parcel2Go number. In case you are confused about where to find it, tracking number lookup can be done in your account details or order confirmation email.

What does the Parcel2Go track number look like?

Your Parcel2Go tracking number is an alphanumeric code. Each code begins with 'P2G', followed by 8 digits. For instance, P2G12345678 is a Parcel2Go number. You can easily find it on your order confirmation email. The detail is also available on your official Parcel2Go account. With the help of this number, you can track the shipment and stay updated with the latest progress in the delivery process.

What to do if Parcel2Go tracking not working?

If Parcel2Go tracking is not working then you can contact their help center and chat live. They will try resolving the issue.

Parcel2Go services

Parcel2Go is majorly into parcel delivery at the local and international levels. Along with this, it allows you to compare the delivery quotes from multiple delivery services under one platform and help you find out your best match.

Range of couriers

The range of couriers of Parcel2Go is quite extensive and wide-spread. There is hardly any leading delivery partner that hasn’t joined hands with Parcel2Go.

Delivery service providers like Parcelforce, UPS, TNT, Hermes, DPD, FedEx, DHL, and many more are covered in its range of couriers.

UK parcel delivery

Sending UK parcel with Parcel2Go is as easy as clapping. Just three simple steps and you are done:

  1. Get registered with Parcel2Go and courier quote online.
  2. Find out the right service provider and book a UK parcel delivery. Choose the nearest drop-off location and drop your pre-packed parcel there. The parcel will be soon picked up.
  3. Track your order using the Parcel2Go tracking number and stay updated with the delivery details.

International parcel delivery

The international parcel delivery with parcel2Go starts with £7.10 excluding VAT.

Small Send service

  • Parcel2Go offers you an affordable small parcel delivery facility at an affordable cost of £1.99. Every parcel under this delivery service is eligible for parcel protection. Under this service:
  • You can send the parcel as small as 0.1kg
  • You can avail drop-off facility in more than 25,000 shops
  • A bulk send facility is available.

Can I do eBay delivery with Parcel2Go?

  • Yes, you can. eBay parcel delivery is available with Parcel2Go. You can enjoy its affordable and secure eBay international shipping in around 180 countries.
  • Faster and safer than eBay’s Global Shipping Programme
  • It would be done with the help of leading courier partners like UPS, DPD, and Parcelforce.
  • It can start at £5.75 excluding the VAT.

Is Amazon delivery available with Parcel2Go?

Parcel2Go handles the Amazon delivery for its Smart Send program. If you are an Amazon seller looking for ways to boost your sales and delivery process then using Parcel2Go’s Amazon international delivery can help you:

  • To enjoy a range of express delivery options
  • To book bulk orders easily
  • To import buyer details form Amazon’s FBA program.

What is Parcel2go PrePay?

Parcel2Go PrePay is the fastest way to book a parcel delivery and pay for it. It’s like a virtual wallet wherein you can add balance in advance that can remain tension-free from the hassles like entering the card details and hindered the check-out process.

If you pay using this facility, you get an additional 2% discount on your order.

How accurate is the Parcel Volume Calculator of Parcel2Go?

The Parcel Volume Calculator of Parcel2Go is around 99.99% accurate and is an ideal way to pay the right amount for your parcel and avoid any additional fee. It is used to find out the volumetric weight with the help of provided dimensional inputs.

How to send a package by Parcel2Go?

Sending a parcel by Parcel2Go is a child’s play. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Create a Parcel2Go account using valid ID, enter the parcel & delivery details, and gather online quotes. Choose the one which suits the most.
  • Pack your parcel and drop-off it to your neared drop-off location.
  • Track the shipment and get live delivery status.

Which documents are required to be sent outside of the EU?

If you are sending a parcel outside the EU with Parcel2Go then you need documents such as:

  • Description of goods

  • Value your shipment accurately

  • Country of origin

What are Prohibited Items?

There are a lot of items that you can’t send by using the affordable parcel delivery facility of Parcel2Go. These items are prohibited for delivery with other delivery services as well due to their extremely destructive/harmful nature during the transport/transit. You can check the list here.

How to Weigh and Measure a Parcel?

Here is the short video explaining every bit of parcel measurement. You can take its help and find out the right dimensions of your parcel to avoid any additional charge.

How to Package a parcel?

  • Pick a strong and sturdy box as per the dimension of your parcel. Make sure that the box is neither too big nor too small.
  • Use internal packaging like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to keep the parcel safe.
  • Put a copy of your order/receipt inside your parcel and seal your package with parcel tape. Attach the label containing delivery details securely.

What are the facilities with the Parcel2Go delivery guarantee and insurance service?

If you chose to add guaranteed delivery and insurance service with your parcel then you will get benefited in many ways.

  • You will get a full refund if the shipment doesn’t arrive at you as per the pre-agreed date.
  • All your parcel content (excluding the prohibited items) will be liable for full compensation for the damage caused to your shipment.

Where is my nearest Parcel2Go drop off location?

Finding the Parcel2Go drop off location is easy. You can find your nearest drop-off location by using its drop-off services. Just visit this page, select the service you would like to book, enter the postcode in which you are looking for a drop-off point, and submit the details. You will get the result soon. Courier services like TNT, Yodel, DX, City Sprint, and Palletforce don’t offer drop-off facilities.

What is the expected delivery time for my Parcel?

The delivery of your shipment/Parcel depends on many factors like the delivery passcode and the courier partner. So, there is no particular pre-decided delivery date. As soon as you place an order with Parcel2Go, you will get an estimated

With the help of the Parcel2Go tracker tool, you can always track your parcel and find out the delivery status. Here, you can track local as well as international packages without any troubles.

When will my parcel be collected?

Parcel2Go work with multiple courier service providers and the collection time often varies. However, the general parcel collection rule says that your parcel can be collected anywhere between 8 am to 8 pm.

The tracker tool shows a time of collection when I won’t be available at the address. What to do?

In this case, Parcel2Go has an easy solution for you. You can rebook your parcel and reschedule your delivery. With the help of rebooking, you can rearrange your collection. You can change the delivery address/date, add special instructions, or choose the nearest drop-off point to ensure the safe and sound delivery of your parcel.

To rebook your parcel, you only need your PG2 reference number and email/postcode details.

How to change Parcel2go parcel details?

If your parcel details are incorrect or you want to make any sudden changes then the only thing that you need to do is log in to your Parcel2Go account and visits their live chat section. You can forward your concern and they will help you to change the delivery address, update the weight & dimensions, and change the delivery date.

How to cancel the order and apply for a refund?

If due to any reason, you don’t want to proceed with your order, you can easily cancel it. For this, you need to login to your Parcel2Go account, visit the “My order” section, click on the order you want to cancel, and proceed.

Once the order is canceled, you can apply for a refund in a similar manner. However, you are eligible for a refund only if:

  • You are a contract holder with Parcel2Go
  • The delivery was booked within the last 28 days
  • The parcel is not collected/delivered

If you need any clarity over your refund-related rights, you can check their refund policy and stay informed.

Can I make a claim for my parcel?

Yes, you can. Parcel2Go has very user-friendly policies. You can easily make a claim for your parcel as long as you are a contract holder with Parcel2Go. This is the only obligation that you have to fulfill to make a claim. In case you haven’t bought the Parcel Protection then also you can make a claim for a refund. The parcel’s carriage costs will be eligible for the claim. However, you are not eligible for a refund if the parcel has been delivered.

What are the Parcel2Go contact details?

Parcel2G has a dedicated contact center to help you with your queries and worries. They have a 24*7 live chat portal to assist you. You can also visit there help center to place queries regarding any concern. They will surely offer you reliable and immediate help.