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ABOUT Kenya Post

Kenya Post, officially known as Posta Kenya, is the premier postal service provider in Kenya, with a rich history dating back to the 17th century. Established in 1998 from the division of Kenya Post & Telecommunication Corporation (KP&TC), it operates under the support of the Ministry of Communications of Kenya. With approximately 700 post offices across the country, Kenya Post offers a wide range of services including postal mail, expedited mail services, philately, and electronic money transfer services, among others. It plays a crucial role in the Universal Postal Union (UPU), especially for East African countries, ensuring accessible, affordable, and high-quality postal services.

Is Kenya Post considered to be safe?

Kenya Post is renowned for its reliability and importance in East Africa. It adheres to values of honesty, responsibility, and transparency, offering excellent quality postal services. The integrity and professionalism of its employees make Kenya Post a trusted postal service provider across Africa.

How to track Kenya Post parcels?

Tracking parcels sent via Kenya Post is straightforward through their official website. By entering the Kenya Post tracking number provided at the time of shipment, customers can access real-time updates on their package's location, expected delivery date, and delivery history. This tracking service is available for 120 days post-delivery, ensuring customers are well-informed about their shipments.

Kenya Post services

Kenya Post offers a variety of postal and courier services including domestic and international letter services, parcel services, and Express Mail Service (EMS). It has partnerships with global couriers like DHL and FedEx, enhancing its air and sea freight capabilities. Kenya Post's international shipping is highly sought after, providing efficient, safe, and transparent service.

How long does it take Kenya Post to deliver?

Delivery times vary depending on the service chosen and the destination. Domestically, Kenya Post aims to deliver within 1-7 working days. Internationally, delivery can take anywhere from 7 to 90 days, influenced by the destination country's location and customs processing times.

Contact Kenya Post

For inquiries or assistance with shipments, Kenya Post's customer service can be reached through their official website. They offer a messaging form for direct communication with customer service operators, as well as providing various emails and phone numbers for more immediate contact. Their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures any issues or questions are addressed promptly.

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