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Qwintry Logistics

Qwintry Logistics is an excellent solution for shoppers who wish to acquire products from Europe and the USA. Unfortunately, most US-based shops do not deliver to Russia directly, while the prices of such malls are times lower than those in the Russian stores for the same products. Qwintry Logistics renders timely and professional assistance via a variety of services such as smart warehousing, fast shipping, and reliable insurance on all shipped items.

At present, the clients using Qwintry make use of several delivery options – they may use the regular Qwintry Air shipment, a faster Qwintry Ecopost shipment option, or even faster (but also more expensive) shipments via USPS Express.

Qwintry Logistics tracking

A buyer’s desire to keep an eye on his or her shipment is understandable, as quite expensive goods travel long distances and may be lost or damaged on the way. Thus, the company provides a handy Qwintry Logistics online tracking service with the help of which real-time tracking may be done. Clients who have their parcels managed by Qwintry receive the unique identifier - Qwintry Logistics tracking number – once their parcel gets into the carrier’s internal system. After receiving it, they may track the package’s current status and location with the help of a convenient tracking tab on the company’s website.

Qwintry Logistics parcel tracking at Pkge.net

It often happens that buyers have several carriers handling their packages, so it is quite inconvenient and lengthy to visit each shipper’s website and check all parcels one by one. Thus, it’s much better to check all parcels in one place like Pkge.net. We provide a quick and timely Qwintry Logistics tracking service; here clients may receive information about any carrier and any parcel. By saving your tracking numbers in the system, you will receive timely updates on each of them as soon as their statuses change. No more need to wander on many websites – conduct an easy Qwintry Logistics tracking lookup at Pkge.net.