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It’s hard to believe that this globally recognized logistics company was started as a family project in 1982. This Colombia-based company was launched with the intention of providing logistics solutions for small and large-scale companies, all while involving and benefiting the community. It wasn’t long after its initial start that it began to increase in popularity, causing its services to spread rapidly into the United States. Nowadays, they have developed their own method of management called ‘Model S’ that has helped them live up to their standards as the top provider for logistics services globally.

In addition to all the services with domestic shipping, Servientrega provides a broad range of services necessary to grow your business, including national and international shipment, document shipping, exports, and logistics operations. On top of this, as a company, they have vowed to provide the fastest and securest services for all of their customers and clients and also plan to continually improve the technology offered on site and around the globe for the most advanced tracing and tracking.

Shipping your Servientrega package

When it comes to shipping your items with Servientrega, you’re given many options to suit your needs. You can choose from national and international orders, both coming with a promise to deliver on time, every time. When it comes to domestic shipping, there are branches in Miami that allow either pick up or direct service, depending on where your package is heading. For international orders, all locations including Miami, South Florida and New York, offer pick-ups for international shipping. Here you can choose international shipping or world shipping that provides services in over 180 countries. With all services, Servientrega makes a promise to deliver products straight from the distributor to the front door.

Whether you need to ship a package domestically or internationally, its safety, security, and on-time delivery are all top priorities. With the advancement in technology come advancements to tracking of items no matter where they’re shipped to.

Servientrega tracking

Tracking has advanced over the years alongside with the innovations and new developments of technology. Nowadays, you can track your packages all around the world to ensure that they’re always delivered safe and sound. There are so many things that can happen out there while your package is in transit including loss, damage, delays, and unforeseen circumstances that can cause your packages to either never be delivered or delivered past the expected date of delivery. This is why tracking has become an integral part of the delivery process customers value so much.

How does tracking work? It is availed by using a unique number and barcode system that is assigned to every package after order confirmation. Each package sent through a certified national postal service comes with this code that acts as the package’s identity throughout its entire journey. As the package travels along its trajectory, each stop or changing of hands must be scanned using a barcode scanner. This gives the most accurate information for the time that your packages were scanned and the time that they reach specific destinations.

Servientrega online tracking is made easy as it is found on the site’s main page under the quick link labeled ‘tracking’. Clicking on it takes you directly to the tracking page where you will be prompted to enter your Servientrega tracking number. Once you insert your number and click ‘enter,’ you’re provided with the most recently updated location of your package. Servientrega offers different levels of tracking depending on the type of service you ordered, ranging from no tracking to accurate location tracking services.

A slightly different Servientrega tracking service is available for orders that are traveling internationally. This is because travel distances are farther, so packages must pass through customs, and there are a lot of changes from ground to air that happen all along the way. While you can still use the same Servientrega shipping number along every step of the tracking process, the accuracy and most up-to-date information doesn’t come by as easy as with domestic shipments. There are other available services that provide the most accurate, convenient, and to the minute information when it comes to the location of your package, when paired with the genius logistic services offered by Servientrega. One of the top recommended global track and trace resources is

Servientrega order number and is an online tracking software that has been providing precise location and status tracking services for several years. When combining the services offered with some of the best in business, you’re able to reach all those tiny places along the way that might not hold the same standards as other companies when it comes to shipping. Any small, unheard of, remote location can be tracked with the technology. has paired with many giants over the years to offer only the best in tracking for the best in the shipping and receiving world.

Using to start tracking your package is easy, and you can be well on your way with just a few easy steps. Their worldwide tracking options are powerful and user-friendly to follow your package along its journey from its origination post office to its delivery location. The first step is to create an account; this should only take a few minutes. Then use the site’s tracking feature that is found on its homepage. In order to track your package, you can use the same Servientrega tracking code that was given to you at order confirmation to start tracking. After entering the code, no matter where in the world your package may be, it can be found and looked after with

In addition to conveniently locating your package, you can receive notifications all along the way. These notifications are highly customizable as they provide you with all different types of information depending on what you’re looking for. If you want to know arrival times, drop-off times, zip codes, signature updates, and the like, will send a notification for it. All this information can be found in your account at or at the homepage that you can access by simply logging in with the credentials you entered upon first entry. Another powerful way that can be used to give you all the information you’re looking for in one spot is the option for multiple tracking.

If you have multiple Servientrega delivery tracking numbers from several different orders that you placed, it’s no problem. Simply follow the same procedure as mentioned above by only changing the unique package number. In this way, there is no need to continue to check multiple websites or to keep track of tons of numbers; all you need to do is enter the unique tracking code, and it will be all there for you in one easily navigable space providing the most accurate and most current information available at that time.

The Servientrega tracking system is great; however, it is still working on many advancements to take it to the next level. It is a trusted name in the logistics and shipping world, and is an expert in the tracking sector; together the two take the stresses out of delivery.