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Speedex is one of the largest courier companies in Greece which provides delivery services with efficiency and consistency. It began operations in 1986 as a company transferring urgent packages. Currently, it has a vast experience in the shipping industry with over 200 branches in Greece. It boasts a dedicated team of employees who operate effectively with integrity and respect.

To enhance service delivery, the company has an efficient Speedex tracking system which enables clients to retrieve the status of their parcel in real time. It not only encourages self-tracking, but it also cushions the clients against major shipping risks such as parcel loss or damages.

How Speedex tracking works online

It is of paramount importance to track your shipment from the dispatch point to the delivery stage. Speedex parcel tracking enables you to know the exact location of your parcel and its condition. Before the shipping process begins, the employees assign each package a unique identifier known as the Speedex tracking id or the Speedex tracking number.

Without the Speedex tracking code, it is possible to trace your shipment both at the official website and through a number of online tracking resources. Usually, the sender notifies the recipient of the unique number so that they can immediately start tracking their parcels independently. You can access the tracking feature on the company’s website.

Advantages of using Speedex

  • Insurance:Speedex offers automatic insurance for all parcels across its network for any loss or damage for a specific amount.
  • Notification messages:The system sends a text message to the recipients to notify them of the delivery status in case they do not pick their parcel.
  • Tracking services:Speedex tracking service is available to assist customers in tracing their packages at any shipping stage.
  • Special services:The company offers exceptional services locally such as same-day deliveries, mass deliveries, and tailored solutions to meet the needs of individual clients.

Speedex Shipping tracking Solutions

The rise of online shoppers is one of the factors that is affecting e-commerce. All businesses are rapidly embracing the technological advancements that assimilate various shipping processes. Due to this, pressures on online businesses to foster solid associations with courier companies to enhance service delivery grow day by day. These companies incorporate tracking features among their services to make it easier for businesses to operate on a transparent platform.

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