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  • 46-90 days

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About CJ Packet

CJ Packet is a delivery service launched by CJ dropshipping, a company that specializes in cross-border e-commerce. CJ Packet is designed to cater to the needs of online merchants, particularly those using platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay. It offers an efficient alternative to other shipping services like ePacket, Yun Express, CNE, 4PX, and Yunwen, focusing on delivering shipments from China to various global destinations.

CJ Dropshipping tracking

CJ Dropshipping tracking provides real-time updates on shipments, allowing customers and merchants to monitor their packages from dispatch to delivery. This service is particularly beneficial for those involved in e-commerce, ensuring timely updates and efficient logistics management.

Where do I find my CJ Packet tracking number?

Your CJ Packet tracking number can be found on the shipping receipt if you are the sender. If you are the receiver, the tracking number is typically located in your shipment confirmation email or on the online store's order page.

Tracking CJ Packet with PKGE

Tracking your CJ Packet shipment with PKGE offers a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience. PKGE provides detailed tracking information, making it easier to monitor your CJ Packet shipments compared to the standard tracking service.

CJ Packet Fast Line tracking

CJ Packet Fast Line is focused on delivering packages quickly, though it may be more costly than other options. It partners with multiple shipping companies, providing a new tracking number once the order is shipped, which can be tracked on the CJ Packet website.

CJ Packet YW Sensitive tracking

CJ Packet YW Sensitive is a shipping method by CJ Dropshipping that uses Yanwen for transport from the seller through China until export. It allows for the shipment of sensitive products like electronics and batteries.

CJ Packet YW Ordinary tracking

CJ Packet YW Ordinary typically takes 15-25 days for packages to arrive. This service is used for regular, non-sensitive items and offers a reliable shipping option for standard e-commerce goods.

CJPacket Euro Ordinary tracking

CJPacket Euro Ordinary is a specialized service for deliveries to European countries, offering faster delivery times, especially to France. It is an optimal choice for shipments within Europe, with delivery times ranging from 7-14 days.

CJ Packet YDS US tracking

CJ Packet YDS US tracking is available for shipments heading to the United States. This service ensures timely updates and efficient delivery of packages to US destinations.

CJ Packet Sensitive GB

CJ Packet Sensitive GB is tailored for shipments to the United Kingdom, offering a delivery time of 7-12 days. It is an ideal choice for sensitive items being shipped to the UK.

CJ Packet Liquid Line tracking

CJ Packet Liquid Line is specifically designed for shipping liquids. This service ensures that liquid products are transported safely and efficiently, adhering to shipping regulations.

CJ Packet JL Express

CJ Packet JL Express is recommended for deliveries to Southeast Asia, with delivery times ranging from 4-14 days depending on the destination country. It is a reliable option for shipments to regions like Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

How long does CJ Packet ship to USA?

CJ Packet typically delivers shipments from China to the USA within 7-15 days. This timeframe can vary based on the specific service used and the destination within the United States.

How many days CJ Packet takes to Canada

Shipments from CJ Packet to Canada generally take 15-25 days. This duration can be affected by factors such as local postal service backlogs and customs processing.

How long does CJ Packet ship to Australia?

For shipments to Australia, CJ Packet usually takes 8-14 days. This service ensures timely and efficient delivery of packages to various locations within Australia.

CJ Packet Delivery Time

CJ Packet offers different delivery times depending on the destination and service chosen. On average, delivery to the USA takes 8 days, while domestic shipping within China takes about 2-4 days.

CJ Packet tracking statuses

To track CJ delivery, you can use tracking statuses that provide detailed information about the progress of your shipment. These statuses help you understand where your package is in the delivery process, from dispatch to arrival.

  • Label created. Warehouse is processing this order. Please wait in patience.
  • Shipping information received
  • Electronic information submitted by shipper
  • Received shipment
  • Weighed at warehouse
  • Processed at origin hub
  • Item despatched to transshipment hub
  • Export customs cleared
  • Arrived at destination airport
  • Uplifted from transshipment hub
  • Collected from airport terminal
  • Item was released by customs and is now with Canada post for processing
  • Item processed
  • Item out for delivery
  • Item successfully delivered to community mailbox or parcel locker.

Contact CJ Packet

For any inquiries or assistance related to CJ Packet shipments, you can contact CJ Packet's customer service. They provide support for tracking, delivery issues, and other shipment-related inquiries.