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Dicom is a prestigious courier service operating in Canada and the United States since 1968. Acquired by Wind Point Partners in 2014, Dicom has expanded its services across North America, offering reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions. With a capacity to deliver 80,000 packages daily via air and ground transportation, Dicom focuses on maintaining high standards while optimizing costs. The company's growth includes acquisitions like Eastern Connection, Extra Express, and Advanced Distribution, enhancing its final mile and distribution services.

Dicom Package Tracking

Tracking your Dicom package is straightforward with the use of your Dicom tracking number. This unique identifier allows for real-time updates on your shipment's journey. Whether you're using Dicom's official website or a third-party service like PKGE, entering your tracking number will provide you with detailed information about your package's location, condition, and estimated delivery time. This ensures transparency and peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

How long does it take Dicom to deliver?

The delivery timeframe for Dicom shipments varies based on the service chosen and the destination. Dicom offers express and standard delivery options, with domestic shipments typically arriving within 1-4 days. International delivery times can vary more significantly, depending on the destination country and customs processing. Dicom's commitment to efficiency ensures that your packages are delivered as swiftly as possible.

Different Dicom Tracking States

Dicom's tracking system provides various status updates to keep you informed about your shipment's progress. These include:

  • Delivered: Your package has arrived at its final destination.
  • Arrival at branch: Your shipment has reached the local Dicom facility.
  • Out for delivery: The package is on its way to the delivery address.
  • Departure from branch: The shipment has left the Dicom facility en route to its destination.
  • In transit: Your package is moving within the Dicom network towards its final destination.
  • Sorting mistake: There has been an error in sorting, which may delay delivery.
  • Pickup: The package has been collected and is now within the Dicom network.

How to contact Dicom?

For any inquiries or support, Dicom's customer service team is readily available. You can contact them via phone at 1 888 GoDicom (1-888-463-4266) or email at [email protected] For more detailed information, including office locations and additional contact options, visiting Dicom's official website at www.dicom.com is recommended. Dicom's dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service and support to ensure your shipping needs are met with satisfaction.

Using PKGE for tracking Dicom shipments offers a convenient and efficient alternative to direct carrier tracking, providing a unified platform for managing and monitoring all your deliveries in one place.