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Expeditors is a leading company in the USA offering logistics services to clients all over the world. The company began operations in 1979 and currently has headquarters in Dubai, London, Singapore, and Shanghai. It has a seamless integration of technological systems in 322 locations. Operations are in 103 countries on the six continents across the globe. It is among the top companies in Fortune 500, which means that they offer not only quality services but also value efficient service delivery. With vast experience in the shipping industry, they provide quality tailored solutions to clients in the e-commerce industry.

Expeditors does not own any aircraft, trucks, or ships to deliver the shipments to clients. The company’s major services include providing solutions in the supply chain network, warehousing, delivering goods, and customs clearance. Also, it offers tracking solutions through the Expeditors tracking system. It is an efficient feature that allows clients to perform self-tracking of their parcels with convenience.

How Expeditors online tracking works

For any business owner, transparency and accountability are integral parts in ensuring smooth service delivery, which they usually achieve through monitoring of shipments. Tracking ensures that clients receive their products on time and in pristine condition. Expeditors offers this service via the company’s official website. To access this service, you need a unique number known as the Expeditors tracking number.

At the point of sale, before the shipping process starts, the operators scan each item and assign it a tracking code. The number is retrievable on the payment receipt after confirmation of the purchase. Usually, the merchant sends the tracking number to the recipient to enable independent tracing of the shipment.

Advantages of Using Expeditors

  • efficient and timely deliveries;
  • supply chain solutions to diverse industries in the market;
  • white-glove services to clients;
  • quality logistics services;
  • efficient distribution and warehousing services;
  • availability of Expeditors tracking service;
  • they use modern technology and provide first-class customer care.

Expeditors international tracking

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