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Flip Post

With e-commerce industry undergoing a radical phase in the global market, there is a great demand for courier services to link business owners and customers. Flip Post is one of the leading postal company in Russia that offers delivery and logistics services. It began operations in 2001, and it currently has 74 office points in Russia. They are a global partner to major online stores in the UK, USA, and Germany. It also delivers international mail across the globe.

Flip Post incorporates modern technology in its operations. Flip Post parcel tracking is a tracing feature that allows clients to track their packages from the start of the shipping process to the delivery stage. The Flip Post tracking system integrates data and enables independent tracking on their company website.

Flip Post online tracking: How it works

Before dispatching of parcels, they assign each shipment a unique number known as the Flip Post tracking number or the Flip Post tracking ID. It is an identifier that assists clients in tracking orders.

The Flip Post tracking code is retrievable on the payment receipts after confirmation. You need the number to track your parcel at any time.

Advantages of using Flip Post

  • fast and timely express deliveries;
  • top-notch delivery services;
  • door-to-door deliveries with high turn-around time;
  • affordable postage rates;
  • it offers convenience in service deliveries.

Flip Post international tracking solutions

As the dynamics of the e-commerce industry keep on fluctuating each year, most online store owners are striving to keep their clients by ensuring efficiency in delivering their services. The Internet plays a significant role in the shipping industry by enabling international tracking of parcels. Pkge.net is an online tracking company offering tracking solutions to most businesses. We partner with reliable postal services or courier companies such as the Flip Post to ensure swift parcel deliveries across the globe. We offer tracking solutions to both businesses owners and individuals who want to send parcels across the globe.

Pkge.net assists business owners to stay afloat in the e-commerce industry by offering independent tracking solutions. All you need to do is to register your details on our company website to fully access their services. We encourage self-tracking since it will avoid unnecessary delay in deliveries and loss of packages.