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JCEX Tracking: How to Get a Parcel Quickly and Easily?

Prompt delivery of parcels and packages is a complex process that is easy to simplify with JCEX Tracking.

Today, it exemplifies the corporate culture, the careful handling of its customers' parcels and the speed of delivery. The company's customer base is not shrinking but growing.

What is JCEX shipping?

JCEX is a China-based goods delivery company. Rather, they specialize in cross-border e-commerce and have more than 50 branches in 200 countries.

As soon as your package is handed over to JCEX by the seller, it's important to know what to expect, how long you have to wait, and what to do if something goes wrong. Keep reading to learn more about JCEX and how to track your package with a tracking number.

The Jiacheng International Express Company has over 300 excellent employees and managers. Over 10 years of effort, JCEX has earned its JCEX brand by becoming an international agent for four major express delivery networks.

With more than 20 international routes with customs declaration, commodity inspection, booking, and outstanding logistics companies from foreign countries sent for delivery, today JCEX is an industry leader and fully approved by agents and customers.

How do I track my package?

Tracking parcel deliveries today is easy. Enter your tracking number in the right field on Pkge.net and you will get all the information you need. This service will allow you to know where your parcel is, its status and when it can be delivered.

A track number is an individual numeric or alphanumeric number that is assigned to a registered mailpiece.

This number makes it possible to know the location of the following types of mail:

  1. Registered domestic mail items.
  2. International registered items to/from another country.

All postal items are divided into simple and registered items.

These include letters, postcards, "small packages" and parcels. They can be sent without a receipt and received without a receipt, but you cannot control the movement of ordinary mail.

If you are sending a package, you can find your tracking number in the following places:

  • on your post office's shipping receipt;
  • on your sales receipt if you paid for shipping insurance at the post office;
  • shipping documents you received from the courier.

This can be important for your peace of mind and the recipient's peace of mind.

JCEX Shipping Options

Jiacheng International Logistics has a sufficient number of services to offer you.

Among them:

  • international express delivery;
  • international freight forwarding;
  • cross-border transport and cross-border distribution
  • export/import customs clearance service;
  • domestic and international warehousing service;
  • door-to-door service;
  • port-to-port service;
  • warehouse-to-depot service.

You can use any JCEX shipping method to send your parcels. However, they can also act as a warehouse if you need them to pick up some of your goods with the cross-border distribution service.

Does JCEX deliver internationally?

Track JCEX offers different levels of service and delivery times for international shipping. Transit time is the number of days it will take for your package to reach its destination, not including possible delays that may occur while your package is in customs.

How long does JCEX take to deliver?

JCEX delivery time depends on the destination. It can be different for each country, usually, all parcels are sent from China. For example, international delivery can take up to three weeks and local delivery in China can take up to three days. It all depends on the distance to be covered.

Here are some shipping options:

  1. Saturday delivery.

JCEX will deliver your parcels Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, and also on Saturdays.

  1. Standard Overnight Next Business Day delivery

Delivered by 3 pm at most addresses, by 4.30 pm in rural areas, and by 8 pm in residential homes Monday to Friday.

  1. JCEX Next Day Air or Priority Overnight Next Business Day delivery

Delivered by 10.30 am at most addresses or by midday, 4.30 pm or 5 pm in outlying areas.

The latest delivery time for a regular JCEX parcel is Monday to Friday at 8 pm.

What are JCEX shipping costs?

JCEX shipping costs are affordable. You can use this system to ship your packages at the best price possible. Your goods will be delivered to the right place in the shortest possible time and excellent condition. Prices will also depend on the size and weight of the parcel. This will divide them into several categories, where X's parcels will be cheaper. The price also varies depending on the country you will be sending the parcel. However, you can see prices for international shipping starting at $7.

Where can I find my JCEX tracking number?

The tracking number is used to show the status of the package, that is, to know if the package is in transit, or perhaps even stuck in customs. So if you don't have a tracking number, you won't be able to check the status of the parcel.

Your shipping receipt will have your JCEX tracking number on it. You may also find this number on other documents such as Mailing Receipts. Re-delivery forms.

Tracking numbers vary by country, courier, and delivery method or service. They are usually alphanumeric - consisting of numbers and letters - and range from 8 to 40 characters.

Most international parcel tracking numbers consist of 13 digits and comply with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) S10 standard.

Steps to tracking a parcel

You may have all the extra information about the shipment, but unfortunately you cannot trace a parcel without a tracking number if you only have a name.

Tracking a parcel with just a tracking number is very easy with detailed steps.

You need to:

  • go to the website;
  • enter the tracking number (or tracking code or ID number) in the search box, without including any dashes or spaces;
  • click the "Search" button,
  • view your parcel's history and status information.

It's ridiculously simple and doesn't take much time.

Advantages of JCEX delivery

Logistics company ready to offer the best courier delivery solution at the best prices. JCEX handles a full range of deliveries of any complexity to all points around the globe. So

JCEX courier delivery has undeniable advantages, which are:

  • high level of service;
  • delivery speed;
  • guarantee of parcel safety;
  • transportation reliability;
  • branches all over the world;
  • loyal prices.

Take advantage of JCEX services right now. See for yourself that courier delivery is simple and convenient!

JCEX Contacts

There are many ways to contact JCEX if you have concerns about their services or the package as a whole. The contact number for JCEX customer service is 400-887-1083. Keep in mind your local GMT+8 time when calling. Another option to contact the JCEX customer service staff is to email them at cs@jcex.com.cn where they can help you with any questions you may have.

If you have any problems with your JCEX order, they guarantee that they will take full responsibility if anything happens to the packages.

Finally, considering all of the characteristics listed above, you can see that JCEX is a shipping company that should meet your expectations in terms of delivery. They will ship your parcels at the best possible time if you are in China or out of the country.