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KWT Express is a courier company in China specializing in import and export logistics between Hong Kong and China. It was launched in the year 2000 to deliver professional shipping solutions to both individuals and businesses. KWT Express is a leading logistics company using cutting-edge technology to achieve efficiency, reliability, quick services, and cost-effective prices.

Its primary services are sending and receiving parcels in the local and international markets. Other logistics services include warehousing, express customs clearance, collection of money, cargo security, freight forwarding, and tracking services.

The track and trace feature is in place to allow customers to carry out independent parcel tracking conveniently.

How KWT express tracking works

The KWT express tracking system provides a convenient monitoring platform for customers in the shipping industry. It is accessible on the company website where you have to enter a tracking id for automatic parcel retrieval. You can track your parcel wherever you are, whether you at home or in the office with one click.

At the point of sale, the shipment handlers must scan each parcel using a barcode scanner to allocate them a unique code. It is an identifier that is also known as a tracking number. All the shipping documents should have this number before cargo dispatch since it is a critical detail that may affect the entire shipping process. It is a significant number that enables successful parcel tracking. Hence, it is vital for online store owners or individuals sending out parcels to notify the recipient of the tracking id before the start of the shipping process.

An auto-track feature is also available for customers who want regular updates whenever the status of the package changes. Apart from the computer, you can also monitor your parcel on the go via your mobile phone. It is not only convenient but also reduces the risk of shipping mistakes such as damages and loss of packets.

International KWT express Tracking Solution

International trading is affecting the shipping industry due to the demand for quality delivery services. More people are transacting worldwide thought the e-commerce platform that is currently driving sales across the borders. Hence, online shoppers and traders require a sustainable solution for parcel monitoring that keeps them in the loop during the entire shipping process. On-time arrival, the safety of parcels, and routing are some of the factors that tracking tools retrieve on the systems. Visit for innovative tracking solutions that will leave you satisfied and relaxed, knowing that your package will arrive within the stipulated time frame in pristine condition.

We are a trusted company offering the best tracking solutions across the globe. Major postal corporations and courier companies like EMS, UK Mail, and USPS liaise with us to deliver accurate data and instant feedback. Register on our website, enter the number and wait for the details to appear on your screen. Track your consignment with us and enjoy a rewarding shipping experience.